Friday, September 11, 2015

Where Were You?

I'll never forget where I was.
It was the most difficult school day I have ever had.
I was greeting children and parents at 8:20 Dallas time. 
It was 9:20 in New York.
The north tower had been hit about 30 minutes earlier.  
I remember a parents coming in and saying that a plane had just struck the World Trade Center. 
I promised myself that when I had a break, I'd check on what was happening.

More parents trickled in with more news. 
Another plane had hit the other tower of the World Trade Center.
We realized at this point that this wasn't just some horrible accident.
This was an attack of some sort.
It was insane but I needed to keep the needs of my students above the sickening realization that our nation was under assault.
I turned around, smiled at my students and taught like nothing was wrong.
I cannot tell you how difficult that was.
Preschoolers need consistency and calm. 
That is what we gave them that day. 
As ever worsening news continued to trickle in and the scope of the crisis began to sink in, it became more and more difficult to concentrate.

We got snippets of news...
a plane hitting the pentagon 
the president being flown to a secret location 
grounding of commercial air traffic in the U.S. 
bridges and tunnels in and out of New York closed
the twin towers collapsing
the crash of flight 93
the evacuation of Lower Manhattan

Do you remember?
The president wrote in his journal on the evening of September 11, 2001.
"The Pearl Harbor of the 21st century took place today."
I know that is how I felt. 
I will never forget. 
I pray that our country never forgets.


  1. Oh Katie, that had to be difficult to carry on like nothing had happened! I too remember exactly what I was doing that day. I was cleaning our bedroom and had the t.v. on. That was very unusual for me. I never turn it on in the day. When they showed the first tower being hit I could not believer it was for real. I will NEVER forget!

  2. I just would like to thank you for carrying on as normal. Our children did not need to be frightened with what was happeniing to our nation. I cannot imagine how difficult that was. I remember everything vividy, I will never forget that day EVER!