Saturday, October 24, 2015

Decorating Behind the Potty

Once the tile was painted, I didn't want to put the big shelf back up.

I think I was trying to distract occupants from the big, expanse of blue tile behind the shower curtain. 
Once the tile was white, the cupboard seemed way too big. 
I shopped the house but it didn't work.
 A distressed little cabinet was in Jonnie's old room. 
I brightened it up with paint. 

It took several coats and I was getting annoyed at this point with the cabinet and with the caulk that kept yellowing.  
After living with the white cabinet for a few days, I decided I wasn't in love with it. 
I went to Hobby Lobby hoping to find a shelf or something. 
I left without anything but instantly regretted not buying a little unfinished shelf for $12.99. 
I went back the other day and got it.

I slapped some white paint on it. 

It is styled with a white hand towel, some bath salts and a candle. 

 A little seasonal trinket will be perfect on this too. 

The room looks so much bigger now that the big cabinet is gone and the tile is painted. 

The oil painting came from one of Bill's aunts. 

Thanks for stopping by.