Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Garden Room Loveseat

Here is the new seating for the garden room.
If you are just checking in, we said goodbye to the dreamy loveseat in this post.

We hope that this loveseat will get more use than the pretty white one.  

I may end up slipcovering it in white denim but at the moment, I like the warm, nubby fabric with the warmer tones of autumn. 

One of the plaid throws came from the thrift shop. 
We found the other one at my mother in law's house.

The little wooden chair came from my grandparent's kitchen.
It will be a great place to set a cup of coffee.

This sofa is so much more comfortable than the settee. 

Throw off the back cushions and it is actually roomy enough for a quick nap. 

I hope you have a wonderful day!


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  1. Looks fantastic, Katie. I always swoon over white furniture but I read once that guests don't want to sit on it because they are afraid. That cinched it for me. I like the color you have.

  2. I love your garden room. It is perfect for a afternoon coffee and a chat with friends.

  3. your switch out does look more comfortable. Will be sad to see the little one go though. So charming.

  4. Beautiful new couch. That room is so cozy and inviting. Love the color of the slipcover too for fall.

  5. Looks like a good place to sit and browse through decorating books, Katie! I recently got rid of a gorgeous old chair I refinished and had reupholstered, but it was so uncomfortable nobody would sit in it. Comfort is key! Love the plaid throws!

  6. Your new love seat looks very comfy...the prefect spot to spend an afternoon!

  7. It looks beautiful. I think if I stopped by I would not want to leave the room.

  8. It looks so cozy and comfy and yes, perfect for a little nap! Your wooden chair is adorable and I love how you're using it as a little table with the stacked books - too cute!

  9. I love the look. Is this the one from your living room? I like it just the color it is...so inviting to sit back and relax in!