Monday, December 28, 2015

We Had a Great Christmas

We had a wonderful Christmas.
Did you?

Christmas Eve selfie.

It was too hot for a fire so we watched (I watched) one on T.V. 
Santa came a little early so we had plenty of time to relax. 

I think everyone was pleased with their gifts.

The cat never needs a gift. 

Chris brought us bagels from New York. 
Can we get these overnighted to us every weekend?

Santa was good to me. 
I'm thrilled with my white Dutch oven from Le Creuset. 
Bill totally surprised me with this.

We sat out on the deck on Christmas afternoon and had a lovely fire in the fire pit.

I got Bill a little fire place/heater for the sunroom.
We just turned on the fire because we didn't need the heater. 
It was almost 80 degrees on Christmas day.  
This weather has been so strange. 

We were spared the severe weather on Saturday but had hail on Sunday and snow this morning. 

My thoughts and prayers are with those who were hit by the tornadoes as a result of Goliath. 

Did you have a wonderful Christmas?
I hope so.


  1. Looks like fun! Can you believe how warm it was on Christmas? Our ac was running full blast. Didn't know about that hail! Hope you didn't have damage.

  2. We had 70's degrees on Christmas but today it is icing and snowing. Go figure!!

  3. It was hot at my Texas Christmas, too. Grandson running with the other great grands at the stock tank. Muddy shoes, roping the practice calf, Mexican food, seeing most of my family, & learning the approximate arrival of my first great, great niece or nephew! No rain until early Sunday, we missed the tornadoes on Saturday although we live in the early areas with the radar indicated tornadoes east of DFW. SCARY few hours. Family in the areas hit all accounted for. No snow or hail. Glad you enjoyed your Christmas. We did, too. Family makes it fun.

  4. Looks like you had a lovely Christmas! The heat was a real surprise but I know all the kids who got bikes and skates from Santa were thrilled to be able to play outside.

  5. Katie,
    Looks like you had a great time with your family. We have the freezing rain and snow today. It felt like Easter for Christmas eve and day and now it is real winter for New Years!!!! Happy New Year.

  6. It looks like your family had a nice Christmas together! I love the fire in the outdoor firepit. So nice! That was sweet of your husband to surprise you with the cookware gift. It has been very warm here too. The weather is supposed to get cold though towards the end of this week. It has rained almost every day since my son has been home for Christmas break too.

  7. Wonderful day with family and friends. You have so much in your life to be thankful for.

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  9. Very warm here in s.e. FL for Christmas as well. A.C.'s running to keep us cool, and a burning fire complete with a cat and dog in and out of the scene on the big screen TV.

    Chilly weather is expected soon and it is something we are looking forward too down here.

    Have a lovely 2016 ~ FlowerLady

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