Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Cute Table From Tuesday Morning

I have fought the revival of gold a little bit. 

 This house was completely blinged out when we bought it in 1993. 

 Gold faucets, door knobs and light fixtures were everywhere.

 By the time I'd replaced or spray painted over all the gold, 
I started reading that gold was back! 

 Umm, no! 

I saw this beauty at Tuesday Morning.

 I adore the sweet scrolling through the glass.

It is the perfect little darling of an end table.

It's a part of the stock they just got it for spring.
 I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. 
Hubby was sick Valentine's Day so he watched the Star Wars Trilogy. 
 Where are my head phones? 
That's all I'm going to say about that. 


  1. Your table is so pretty and really stands out next to the white slip-covered chair. I have a spot where that would be perfect. It's so nice that it has a little shine to it and bounces the light around.

  2. Cute table! I do like the soft gold verses a brassy gold. I'll have to pop in for a visit to Tuesday morning. :)

  3. Your little side table is so sweet and just the right amount of gold in the room. Who cares about trends...I had wallpaper in my upstairs hallway for years when it was supposedly out...now it's back in! Go with what you love is my rule. :-)
    Mary Alice

  4. your new little table looks so lovely next to the chair. So inviting. your comment about the bling cracked me up.

  5. Cute little side table. How much did u pay for it?

  6. Sweet little table, Katie! I've still got my century old brass bed that has gone in and out of fashion many times over. Your table is the perfect spot for a cup of tea!

  7. Adorable table, Katie! I could use one just like it.

  8. If you find head phones that actually cancel noise, please clue me in!!!! Hubster is on an olllllllld westerns kick and I am so sick of cowboys and Indians!!
    Of course the minute I say something and he changes to something else, it is so modern and gross that I would rather hear the cowboys and Indians :^(
    Too funny :^)
    I love your little table, it's a keeper.
    Have a good weekend,