Thursday, March 31, 2016

I Won Something!

I'm going to let you in on a little secret. 
I am one of the unluckiest people. 
I never gamble because it would be money down the drain. 
We used to have a neighborhood Pokeno group. 
It's a good thing that we were guaranteed a prize because I rarely ever won a round.
They draw names for the parking spot at the front of the teacher parking lot. 
I'm convinced my name isn't even in the running because I have yet to win the spot. 
You can imagine that I was shocked and tickled to finally win a blog giveaway. 
 Linda @ Itsy Bits and Pieces let me know that I won one of the magazines in which she was featured.
Leaving a comment on this blog post was all that was required. 
So fun. 
I received the package in last Friday's mail. 

It was dark when Bill brought in the mail so I waited until the next morning to open the package. 
The wrapping was just too cute!

I love, love the vintage keys. 

The lunch sack had some adorable bits of vintage ephemera. 

The seed package is close to my heart.

The vintage flashcards tickled me pink. 
You will see these little bits and pieces again as I sprinkle them about the house. 
They will show up in various seasonal displays. 

This is my kind of magazine. 

Congratulations, Linda on your feature in this adorable magazine. 
Be sure to check out her cute blog.

Thank you so much for the gift. 
I adore it!
 I think I'm going to do a giveaway. 
Details are coming soon. 

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  1. congrats on your win! Such a fun package of goodies! I used to play pokeno in one of our neighborhoods years ago.

  2. Hurray for you, Katie! Linda is so very sweet and I'm trying to get my hands on that magazine! They picked a great gal to feature~ I love her home and style. I've been blogging since dinosaurs walked the earth and although I don't think I'm the luckiest person in the world, I've won some great giveaways. The way these creative bloggers put together packages is almost as wonderful as what's inside! One of my nightstand drawers is filled with ribbon, cards, charms, seed name it. So many sweet gestures. What a great Blog World we are in!

    Thanks for your sweet visit today! I thought I hit your Follow button but I hadn't so I did just now. I really like your blog and look forward to popping in again! :)


  3. Flea Market is such a great magazine! Happy that you won! But really giggled at your excitement! I love all the little bits and pieces that Linda sent you as well! So FUN!! Enjoy, Cindy xo

  4. Well, aren't you sweet, Katie! Thanks so much for the lovely shout-out! Giveaways are so fun to do!

  5. congrats. I'm happy you won. And a little jealous of course!

  6. Ooh don't you just love happy mail? And what a great prize! See you ARE lucky.;-)

  7. Congratulations!! What a fun package to receive in the mail!!

  8. Hi Katie and thanks for popping in to see me! I'm so happy for you to win the giveaway! Maybe you're on a roll now! ;)
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  9. What a wonderful giveaway!
    Linda is so talented and how nice of you to share her feature.

    Thank you for sharing this on TOHOT!

  10. A fun package. Lucky you, after all :-)