Thursday, March 10, 2016

Small World/Maybe Too Small?

Hi guys,
I'm popping in for a quick update. 
  I need a crown.

The hygienist said she thought it was just a missing filling but the dentist wants to put a crown on it. 
There is only some much filling that one tooth can hold.
 They are also trying to get to the bottom of some tooth soreness. 
I dread getting crowns so bring on the laughing gas!

 My appointment was for 10:30.  They had no record of me in the system. 
Fortunately they could work me in at 11:30.

I went to Tuesday Morning to kill some time and ended up spending $70.00. 
There wasn't a thing I needed. 
Because I'm a "gagger" it took three of them to get a decent x-ray of the offending tooth. 
They literally had no shame in calling me a "gagger." 
I told them to stop being bullies!
 They finally called in the hygienist with the most experience. 
They whole thing took about an hour. 
They were so sweet about it but the "gagger" was delaying their lunch. 

There is a fun, fun sandwich shop right across from the dentist. 
 I had earned a good sandwich.
I walked into the restaurant and sitting at a table was our old dentist!
 I almost passed out. 

I felt such shame.
Was he staring at my mouth to make sure I had all my teeth?

I was just telling you about him and there he was. 
What are the chances?
It is not like the sandwich shop is on "Dentist Row" or something.  

Images courtesy of Graphics Fairy
It's a small world!
The sandwich was amazing, as always. 


  1. Katie,
    Going to the dentist is no fun, but all of your Graphics Fairy graphics are WAY fun! I couldn't help but smile while reading about your small world, but kept restraining myself because it really wasn't a laughing matter.


  2. you're scaring me now. I have an appointment in two weeks to check out a problem tooth. Funny now that you're talking about the old dentist, he's popping up.

  3. Crowns - Too much Fun - NOT!! I'm a gagger too, it was awful when I got my braces a few years ago ... Hope all goes well when they set it, at least the worst is over!! Hope you enjoy your 'well spend' $70. Blessings, Cindy xo