Tuesday, May 31, 2016

It's Summer!

Summer break is here. 

Bill asked me the other day if our home improvements are drawing to a close. 

I believe that they are. 
In the 4.5 years I have been blogging, we've touched almost every surface in this house. 

 There are a few things that still need to be done. 

The game room needs to be finished.
We still need to scrape the popcorn from the ceiling and paint it. 
I may be in over my head with the painting of this ceiling. 
There is water damage from a roof leak and from the air conditioner.  
Water damaged ceilings are a beast to redo. 

I'll scrape the popcorn but may call the painter to patch and paint.
There are also a few decorative things in the works.

Our six year old nightstands are not in good shape. 
Bill's nightstand has plywood that is bubbling from his water glass even though he used a coaster.
The stain is chipping off of mine even though I don't set a water glass on mine.

We're not sure what we will do but were disappointed in the quality of this furniture. 
I may rearrange some furniture or build something. 

The ceiling in my room is scraped but not painted. 

The doors downstairs have never been repainted. 
It's tedious work. 

 I have a couple of closets that could use a remodel.

The kitchen cabinets could use a touch up. 
I'd like to create some built-ins in the living room.
I need to paint the railing upstairs so that it matches the downstairs. 

It's been over two years so it is time. 

Do you think it's enough?
I like to have a project every week or so to keep me busy. 
We are headed to Charleston at the end of June. 
It's been on my travel bucket list and I can't wait.
Other than that I plan to prepare for the next school year, rest, read, and catch up on blogging. 
Of course, I will float in my stock tank pool! 
Bill will help me set it up next Saturday.

That is it for now! 
Have a blessed day. 
My heart goes out to those affected by the flooding in Texas. 


  1. There always is something lurking around the corner to be done, but for some homeowners it's a way to express ourselves. I love what you've done, Katie.

    We have a cherry bedroom set and my nightstand is doing the same, it's down to the bare wood in spots. I have a lot of magazines strategically placed! lol! It's a bit over 25 years old and I've never been one for 'picture perfect' so its all good!

    Have fun on your trip. We loved Charleston...such a pretty and charming place. We have a place in Asheville where we will spend some time in July. :)


  2. Your home is beautiful...you are blessed.
    We are never, ever FINISHED with our homes...we keep wanting to do more....I think we are born with it...LOL

  3. Katie,
    Your schedule is full. Good thing you have a stock tank in which to rest and to relax. :)


  4. Yep, leaving a water stained ceiling in the hands of a professional is a good idea. Enjoy the charms of Charleston!

  5. you've created a really pretty home and I really enjoy following along with your projects. Maybe you could make new tops for the end tables?