Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Our Farmhouse Banister

I've obsessed about the banister in this house almost from the day we moved in. 
 I didn't like it at all...kind of groovy and not me.
It looked very 70s or 80s.

 It looked almost Craftsman in style but not quite. 
Bill says that it was constructed in a cost efficient manor. 
Our house was built in 1990. 
Our banister should have been built in a traditional style. 
 It should have had white turned balusters with a dark cherry stained handrail.
 That was the style in 1990. 
That would have been more me.   

The balusters do not go into the stair treads. 
Instead they are attached to a bottom rail. This was cheaper to build. I'm not sure that this would even pass code at this point but we don't have small children so I'm not worried about it. 
Bill and I aren't likely to get our heads caught in between the balusters.

 Do you do this?
When there is a something I don't care for, I repeatedly think about it until I come up with a fix.
Not all the time but occasionally it will return to my thoughts until I can come up with a solution to what I perceive is an aesthetic issue. 

I finally like our stair banister. 
I got the courage to paint it in 2014.
 I realized today that I finally like it and I haven't had any thoughts about changing it since the day the paint dried. 

The farmhouse style decorations throughout the house coordinate with this type of staircase. 

 Do you know the best part? 
It was an inexpensive fix. 
Wrought iron -the darling of the 2000s would have cost a small fortune. (It's still beautiful in my opinion.)
The traditional style turned baluster and handrail that I craved when we moved in would have required a custom carpenter. 

All this needed was primer and paint. 
There was nothing really wrong with our banister so we never got around to spending the money on it. 
 I'm so glad we didn't change it!

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  1. The banister looks fantastic! Paint every time. :)

  2. I'm glad you finally love your looks beautiful!

  3. Looks great Katie. Amazing what a little bit of paint and primer can do.

  4. Paint was the perfect solution! It's beautiful, Katie!

  5. Your banister looks amazing! Thanks for sharing at Thoughts of Home on Thursday.

  6. It is amazing what a little paint/change of color can do, Katie! Looks awesome and I'm glad that you like it! Blessings, Cindy xo

  7. Wow, what a simple fix, but makes such a great impact. It looks wonderful glad you painted it. love the new look!

  8. Sometimes just one small change makes all the difference and you wonder why you didn't do it sooner. Thank you so much for linking up to Thoughts of Home on Thursday. You make our gathering a happier place.

  9. Love how a simple transformation can carry such a big impact, your banister looks fabulous!
    Thank you for joining us at TOHOT!

  10. What a difference a coat of white paint made, Katie! Your stair rail and banister now fit in nicely with your white trim and fireplace surround.

  11. I Thank you for joining TOHOT!
    Your banister is lovely!
    Woohoo to paint.

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