Sunday, May 22, 2016

Purging Files/ Preschool Art

I'm purging my files as I work on my Pinterest lesson plan system. I'm pretty excited about this because it means I won't need to concentrate as much during lesson planning.  

I can write lesson plans from home, pull my board up in my phone and know what crafts we are doing for the week.
I'm tossing anything that looks like it is from 1996. 

Art is a huge part of our program. 
There is so much content that can be discussed during that individual or small group time at the table. 

 Fine motor skills employed combined with the act of creating is valuable for learning. 
As a child creates, a plethora of activity is taking place in the brain. 
That has to be good for brain development.

There is "play" involved as the child manipulates mediums. 

There is cognition as the child observes color, line, and order. 

Some of these samples were created by me but we allow our students to create their own work. 
We guide where eyes or legs go but we don't make the art for our children. 
They are doing it all themselves which makes it perfectly imperfect. 

I didn't realized that you all would get a dose of early learning philosophy this morning.
 I love my job.
That's it for now. 

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  1. Children's imagination and learning is wonderful as seen through the creative process.
    Mary Alice