Friday, June 17, 2016

Flash Back Friday #1/The Bridge Party

I've dropped Bill off at the train station. He is armed with his Wall Street Journal so he should be caught up on what is going on with the upcoming convention. 
It's said that Eisenhower will once again choose Nixon as his running mate. 
I can't see that ending well. 

I have a few things to do before the gals come over to play bridge. 

The children are playing outside. 
I've got fish sticks and Kool-aid ready for their lunch. 
They just better stop shrieking by the time all the ladies come over. 
Why can't they ever play over at Timmy's house?

I got this darling embroidered bridge set from my sweet grandmother in law. 

This needlework is out of this world. 
I can tell she spent many hours working on it during the Ed Sullivan show. 

I'm biased but this is one of the best sets I've ever seen. 
It comes with the matching coasters! 

I certainly don't want any damage to our card table. 
It took me forever save enough green stamps to get this thing.

The menu will be simple - cucumber and endive finger sandwiches and cheese biscuits. 

I'm also trying out a new recipe for tomato aspic. 
My children and future grandchildren may think I'm crazy for serving that but the ladies seem to love it.

We will round it off with pink lemonade and cookies. 
I got the frozen juice concentrate which is swell, by the way.

Jimmy drew the short straw and had to stir it until it thawed.
The clanking of the wooden spoon in the pitcher was about to get on my nerves.

It is unseasonably hot for June. 
The fan has been running non-stop. 

Once the ladies leave this afternoon, the kids and I will hop in the station wagon to go get Bill from the train station. 
It's so hot and these high heels have done a number on my feet so we'll have a cookout tonight. 
Something simple like baked beans and hot dogs should be just the ticket. 
You know what? 
I think we have a can of chili around here so I'll make some BBQ boats for the kids and shish kabobs for us.
The leftover Coleslaw from last night will cool us off a little.  

We may need to move to the sleeping porch tonight if this heat keeps up. 

I think the ladies are here. 
I'm on cloud 9. 

Bye, bye sweetie pies,


  1. Fun story that I could actually visualize from my childhood - Smiles and Giggles! Love memories! Blessings, Cindy xo

  2. Delightful post, Katie. Loving your sweet embroidered bridge set.
    Mary Alice

  3. How fun! I can remember those times...and I actually have those cards!

  4. My goodness! I feel like I've gone back in time. However, I was just a kid during those times. My mom used to have bridge parties. I remember those.

  5. Very sweet post. My parents played cards when I was young. The embroidered set is precious. I always envy women who could sew up a storm. My Mother crochets and knits and I recently turned onto a similar pattern. So glad you found me and many thanks for sharing your sweet post at DI&DI.

  6. What a great post, Katie! It was fun to be transported back in time, for a bit. The embroidered set is so pretty!

  7. Wonderful story!!! I love the needlework, and especially the pink lemonade!!
    This was a fun read...great for a slow Friday afternoon.