Saturday, June 4, 2016

Goodbye Wonderful May!

May was a whirlwind.

We picked up my Mother's Day present. 
We had a nice weekend with our son in from New York. 

The ladies threw me a birthday celebration at work.

Bill and I got to attend the Make-A-Wish foundation dinner. 
My brother shared the story of the very first Make-A-Wish. 

I spent several day reorganizing files and creating a new system on Pinterest to catalog and collate our arts and crafts. 

We had our end of school party. We had a special guest.

They had a great time. 

It was raining so we improvised and had an indoor roller coaster. 
"Stroller Coaster"
I'm not sure the floors will ever be the same. 

Just like that the school year was over. 
We headed to the lake to have a little fun and relaxation. 

We were joined by a gigantic swan floatie. 
My sister in law found it at the pool supply. 
I laughed like Chewbacca Mom trying to get back to the dock. 
Swanie has a mind of its own. 

We ate too much good food. 
I think I got a little too much sun. 

A friend and I rushed over to Kendra Scott so I could spend a gift card during my birthday month to save 50% off of one item. 

Hello, summer.
Hello, June! 


  1. What a great month of May for you. Looks like summer fun is starting. Love your floating swan!

  2. wow. looks like a good time. hope your summer is great too!