Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Setting Up A Stock Tank Pool

Stock Tank Pools At Tractor Supply

This pool is one of the best ideas I've ever seen. 
It is amazing to have a place to float and cool off during a hot Texas summer. 
I love it! 
It's very easy to set up and comes together in a matter of hours. 


We store our stock tank upside down behind our fence during the off season.  

 Bill rolled it up to the spot we leveled two years ago.

leveling, underlayment

He installed the drain plug that he made from PVC parts.
This is essential for draining the pool if need be. 

PVC Drains

It doesn't take long to fill it full of water. 

Summer, keep cool, stock tank pool, Tractor Supply

Once the stock tank pool was filled, I assembled the hoses, filter and pump. 
It was $65.00. 
Attach hoses according to the directions included with the pump.
 We had to add length to our hoses and got the additional length at Leslie's Pool Supply. 
We added the length because our hoses flop over the side of the tank. 

Pumps, hoses, Stock Tank pool

It is not very attractive but I did not want to drill holes into the side of the pool to attach the hoses.  
We didn't want any leaks. 

Before you plug in the pump, make sure that the hoses and the pump are completely filled with water. 
Put the hoses in the water and fill using a garden hose. 

directions for a Intex pool pump

Remove cap and add the filter. 
Tighten the cap and loosen the little plug in the center. 
Water will bubble from the center plug when the pump is filled. 
Quickly close the plug. 
We set the pump next to the pool on a log or on the retaining wall. 
 We thread the hoses through a cinder block so they won't flop out of the pool.
The cinder block doubles as a seat or step to get into the pool. 

When the outflow hose decreases and the pump makes a slightly different noise, the filter is dirty. 
It needs to be changed every few weeks.
Unplug the pump, change the filter and follow the above directions before turning the pump back on. 
The pump keeps the water moving so that the pool will not be a breeding ground for mosquitoes. 
Your neighbors will not love you if you are creating a West Nile situation. 

Keep cool in a Stock Tank Pool

Our pool is not in full sun. 
Many have asked me if the metal is hot enough to burn me. 
The metal can be warm in August but it isn't hot. 
I don't know what would happen in other parts of the country. 
I don't know what would happen if this was in full sun. 

It only gets dappled sunlight throughout the day in our yard. 

It can be a bit nippy as soon as it is filled but the pool is quite comfortable once daytime temperatures hit the 90s. 
 Because it is metal, it cools down at night. 
It keeps the water pretty comfortable until August. 
Last summer it felt a little "bath tubby" in August but we had several weeks where the temperature was over 100 degrees. 
We drained it and refilled it.

Tractor Supply for Stock Tanks, Let's Add Sprinkles Blog

 I think this stock tank pool is a great addition to a backyard without a pool. 
 It is affordable. 
A six foot by two foot stock tank is available at Tractor Supply for $249.99. 
It holds 390 gallons of water. 
It was easy to obtain. 
Tractor Supply is about 10 minutes away and it fit perfectly in the back of our Ford F150 pick up.  


I love setting plants around it. They can get a quick drink with a bucket setting near by.

I love it. 
A stock tank pool is easier to set up than you might think.  
Why don't you give it a try?
Keep cool this summer!

Updated- 2021-  The old filter broke after two seasons. We have an Intex sand filter similar to this one.  We have also added a floating chlorine dispenser. We had a lot of rain during May and early June so we thought it necessary to help keep the water clean. 
We have also added a second stock tank at our property out in East Texas. It is in full sun so I'll update once we have had that one for a while. 
Thanks for reading. 
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  1. Very cute Katie, and a great way to cool off in the Summer heat! Mimi xxx

  2. I love your pool! Just right for cooling off. It looks very inviting.


  3. I just love your pool Katie! It looks so inviting. It was so good seeing you on Tuesday. Wish we had more time to visit.
    Happy Friday!

  4. That's a great idea for a small yard or a short summer season! Here, it would burn like the dickens but it sounds like it is perfect for your yard. Fun space! Blessings, Cindy xo

  5. I LOVE this idea - perfect for a little corner of the yard. Pinning to share and to show my husband this great idea.

  6. That looks like fun! It doesn't get hot enough here for us to need a pool, but there were quite a few days last summer when we ran out to the beach and jumped in the ocean.

    Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  7. sounds like the perfect place to sit and relax all summer long!

  8. Hello, I am trying to set up my pump in this fashion...can you let me know how you hooked up the end of hoses that are down inside the pool? I'm a little confused by the instructions that came with pump since it's not being attached to pool... thank you!

    1. I think i'm having the same issue as you. Can't even get water to fill up into the pump. Stays right at the bottom. Can't any suction from the intake hose at all.

  9. I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but I to do not want to cut holes into the tank. I bought the pump, attached the hoses to the pump and stuck them into the water. I poured water into the pump but the level stays very low and flows into one of hoses. It won't fill up. Can't get no flow at all. Is it a gravity issue? Do I need to stretch hoses all the way out and then attach extra hose into the pool? Somebody help me please (sigh)...thanx ahead of time for any assistance offered!

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