Friday, July 1, 2016

Our Farmhouse Style Bathroom

White, Farmhouse, Beadbaord, Glass Shower enclosure, Chrome

We just passed the three year anniversary of our bathroom remodel. 
We still love it. 

White, Farmhouse, Beadbaord, Glass Shower enclosure, Chrome

 With the help of a designer, we made some design choices that we hope can withstand the test of time. 

White, Farmhouse, Beadbaord, Glass Shower enclosure, Chrome

 Several months before we started the remodel, I found mold underneath the tub and shower. 

The old shower door was leaking and it wicked under the tile and bathtub. 
It was the incentive we needed to get this done.

The old spa tub was huge and took up so much floor space. 

Removing a spa tub

He had to smash it into pieces to get it out of the room. 
I was at work that day so I missed the numerous trips it took to get this out of the house and into the truck. 
I'm not sad that I missed that. 

White, Farmhouse, Beadbaord, Glass Shower enclosure, Chrome

Our new clawfoot tub gives us so much more square footage. 
It is gorgeous and I use it everyday. 

We still love the black vanities with the black granite tops.

Chrome with black vanities, black granite, white sinks

The granite is a bit of a pain to keep clean but they are pretty. 

I hate cleaning tooth brush holders so Bill is using a jelly jar. 
When it's too gross to get clean, I can pop it in the recycle bin. 

 I had a chandelier above the tub.

White, Farmhouse, Beadbaord, Glass Shower enclosure, Chrome

It would have been a hazard had it been wired but it wasn't, so it was purely decorative. 
I took it down because I kept hitting my head on it.
Several people freaked out because it wasn't to code. 
You should not be able to touch your chandelier while standing in the bathtub. 
Practicality won out over beauty in this situation. 
The shower doors have stayed pretty clean and clear.

White, Farmhouse, Beadbaord, Glass Shower enclosure, Chrome

Bill squeegees them faithfully. 
I don't really use the shower. 
 We have a little maintenance to do on the grout. 
We didn't caulk it and the tile guy neglected to mention that we should. 
I need Bill to go out of town for a few days so I can get that done. 
It has to dry thoroughly before and after caulking. 

Glass shower enclosure, Tile, Clawfoot tub

A few simple white details with yellow accents keep it fresh for summer. 

Chrome faucet with spray nozzle, ironstone
White, Farmhouse, Beadbaord, Glass Shower enclosure, Chrome

Thanks for stopping by and having a look at our summer bathroom.
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  1. Ahhh very pretty Katie. I love that claw tub. Happy 4th.

  2. the tub is such an improvement. we have a similar large soaking tub like your previous one and we never use it so putting in a smaller one would be wonderful. love the look of yours.

  3. I love this so much, Katie. I think it's one of the prettiest bathrooms I have ever seen - beautiful!

  4. Your bathroom is just lovely and looks huge. Your fixture was very pretty but beaning yourself was just not a good thing. Being able to touch a wired light fixture from the tub is a definite no-no. Once my husband inspected a home that had a shower in the basement and the old man had put a single bulb florescent light in the ceiling. The ceiling was very low to start with and I'm surprised someone didn't get electrocuted. Needless to say, that was pointed out in the inspection report. Segueing to another room, I was always surprised that the people who put pot racks over their glass top ranges.

  5. Always love seeing pretty pics of your bathroom, Katie! Three years? I remember when you updated it - can't believe it's been that long! Too bad about the chandelier - it was so pretty over the tub.

  6. I cannot remember the last time I saw a clawfoot bathtub, and I almost forgot how much space you save by investing in one. It looks like the clawfoot tub has more room for relaxing than the spa tub. My wife and I are thinking of upgrading our own tub to a clawfoot as soon as we have the funds.

  7. This is one of the cutest bathroom remodels I have seen so far. I love the soft and subtle pops of color, and the old fashioned bathtub. I always wanted a glass shower, something about that seems so romantic to me. The his and her sinks are super cute, too, and add the perfect amount of contrast with the pops of yellow!