Saturday, July 9, 2016

Table Legs Made Out Of Pipes

Have you seen all the pipe furniture out there on the internet?
I was curious to try my hand at a pipe project.

Table legs from gas pipes.

We had the bottom part of a tiered nesting table. 

 We weren't using the top table when we got the sofa and loveseat so we gave it to Rebekah. 
The bottom was being used as a little coffee table. 

 When I moved the loveseat to the garden room, this little table went up to the gameroom. 
It was a little too short to match the table on the opposite end of Bill's leather loveseat. 
 I tried to put it in between the two chairs but it was a little too short and it wasn't love. 

 Replacing the legs was the only way to ensure that this table had a forever home with us. 
 If you played with Tinker Toys, you can do a pipe project.

 Home Depot had 1/2 inch black carbon gas pipes that were 24 inches long. 
The table at the opposite end of the couch is 25.5 inches. 
 I picked up 4 pipes, 4 floor flanges, and 4 caps. 
24 inch pipes plus the table top, flange and caps would bring the table to just about the correct height.
 The 4 pipes totaled $23.76.
The 4 floor flanges came to $18.92.
The 1/2 inch caps totaled $5.36. 
The cost for this project was $48.04 plus tax. 
Not inexpensive but cheaper than a new table. 
I wasn't aware that these had lettering on them and what felt like black grease. 
Washing them with Greased Lightning and very hot water got the black, sticky gunk off. 

Sanding or Mineral Spirits were some other methods I'd considered. 
None of the cute projects on Pinterest showed gross, gooey pipes. 
The guy had Home Depot had no suggestions for what it was or how to remove it, which was interesting.

Table legs made out of gas pipe

I screwed the legs together. 
The floor flange was attached to the table top with wood screws after the old legs were removed. 
The cap became a little foot for each leg. 
It was just like building with Tinker Toys, I tell you.

PIpe legs on a wooden table

Pipe legs on a wood table.

 So, I'll admit I was pretty pleased with myself for this one. 
"It's awesome." is what I usually say when I'm tickled about one of my projects.
I asked Bill if he noticed my little pipe table. 
"What have I told you?" 
"I don't like pipe furniture."  

Leather, Wood and PIpe table

I told him to "Relax!"

 He promptly replied that chalkboards don't belong in the mancave. 
Ei, yi, yi!  
He finally did admit that the little table was cute.
We are still plugging away on this room but I needed Bill's help for the next project. 
Check out my Instagram for a sneak peek. 
 Stay tuned. 
I'm so pleased you stopped in and thanks for reading.
Have a great evening. 


  1. What a pretty table. It looks very nice in your living room Katie. And looks great next to that leather sofa. I am hosting a new link party called Sweet Inspiration and would love to have you join us. It runs Fridays 10am est to Tuesdays.

    1. I'd love to join you. I'll be there this Friday. Thank you.

  2. Great idea ~ turned out nice! Goes great with the sofa color and style! I don't like pipe furniture - silly guy!! Looks Great!! Blessings, Cindy xo

  3. Hi Katie, this turned out great. Love the industrial style of it and how good it looks next to the leather loveseat. Thanks for stopping by and your sweet comment. Have a great week ahead. xo

  4. Hi Katy, I am so glad you shared your precious project with us. Love the diy method and the chalkboard sign is perfect with the words, Relax. Thanks for sharing at DI&DI. Have a happy week ahead/

  5. I love the way your table turned out, Katie. Great way to repurpose. Having a bit of industrial look here and there adds a lot of interest and texture to a room.
    Mary Alice

  6. Such an awesome pipe table!! I think it looks great!! You did an amazing job on this!

  7. Your table looks terrific! It goes so well with the other decor in your room. Thanks for sharing with us at Snickerdoodle Sunday. Pinning.