Friday, August 5, 2016

The Railing Is Done And Paint In My Hair

Once upon a time, Bill pointed out to Katie at a family party that she was missing a spot with the old Clairol Nice and Easy. 

Oh no, she wasn't!
It was oil based paint but she silently vowed that it would never happen again. 

If I had missed a spot with color number 4, what was I supposed to do about it at a party? 
I can just see me sneaking into the bathroom to do a color touch up. 
 The paint was chipped out of my hair as soon as we got home.

Short of wearing a shower cap when painting, I broke my vow when I was painting the upstairs balcony railing. 
It was a beast.

This job was two years overdue.
 There was no way to reach the side of the railing that faces the plantation shutters.  
I'm terrified of heights so getting on a ladder or scaffolding wasn't going to happen.

 Over, under, around and through, what on earth am I going to do? 

 The only way to paint it successfully was to get a mirror through the railing and shine it on the spots I was missing. 
It was a light bulb moment, let me tell you.
My daddy would have been proud of me.
So would Bill Nye, I think.
 Science is a good thing.
I had the mirror in one hand and the brush in the other. 

Even though I wore gloves there was paint on my arms and in my hair. 
   It only took a half of a bottle of nail polish remover to get all of the paint off of the mirror and off of me. 

It was so worth it, though. 

I love it.

It amazes me that the Craftsman style railing now looks Farmhouse since it is white. 

That granny hair is very popular. 
Maybe I would have been able to pull off that look.

I'm thrilled with the finished product. 

It looks so clean and crisp. 

The ceiling is next! 
Stay tuned. 
Science makes a good showing in that project too. 


  1. One of the reasons why I hate painting in bathrooms. Too many hard to reach areas

    1. Oh, I know! Behind the toilet is the worst. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. What a great idea! The rail looks great painted white.

  3. It always amazes me how simply painting something makes all the difference in the world..the railing looks really good painted. we'll be painting out bathroom soon and know how tedious it can be! Maybe I'll use a mirror to help?

  4. Hi Katie, that is a brilliant idea! You are so clever :)

  5. You go girl! Definitely a clever solution using the mirror. I am afraid of heights as well, but I have been on a ladder all day staining the inside of my 'she shed'. I had oil based stain all over me and in my hair. Wouldn't we be great friends at a party? lol! btw, I love the railing white too! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  6. Katie, Good for you to come up with a solution for the problem you were facing. The railing looks good. Sylvia D.