Monday, September 19, 2016

Fresh Bittersweet

A bite of sweet followed by a bitter aftertaste. 

A sweet memory lace with a touch of sadness.

A charming vine dotted with a perfect pop of orange.

The American Bittersweet vine is on the decline while the Oriental Bittersweet vine requires vigilance to keep it from becoming invasive, 

but, what a sweet darling of fall.

I'm sharing ways that I've used fresh bittersweet in decor in the last three years.

A few years ago, I discovered that I could get it off of eBay.

In a couple of days, it come wrapped in tissue paper with a cute bow. 

I was thrilled since it doesn't grow in our area.

I love the yellow casing around that gorgeous orange berry.
The curling tendrils are just too adorable.

I bought mine from a seller called The Happy Crow. 

It makes a darling display with my happy crow in the garden room. 

It's cute in my chicken feeder from Tractor Supply. 

Sadly, it doesn't keep from year to year. 
The berries and casings drop like crazy causing a little bitterness at clean up time. 

Do you like bittersweet? 

Two weeks from today, I kick off a blog tour featuring some awesome Texas bloggers. 

Please make plans to visit everyday with links to some wonderful fall inspiration. 
Happy Monday! 


  1. The bittersweet is like frosting on the cake for your fall decor. Looking forward to the Fall in Love with Texas tour!

  2. Katie you have given us so many great suggestions to use fresh bittersweet. I really like the way you have wrapped it around the bird cage.

  3. Bittersweet says Fall like nothing else. I've going to check to see if it grows around my area, but I don't think it does. I'd love to have the real thing, but haven't ordered any. Yours looks beautiful all around your home.

  4. It's my favorite Fall "accessory". Love the ways you've used it!

  5. Katie,
    I do love bittersweet, faux and real, dear friend!
    Oddly enough, the Antique/Gift Shoppe where I was formerly employed
    was called Bittersweet. . .and when I was laid~off, it truly was Bittersweet.
    I adore all the ways you used bittersweet with your Autumnal Decor!

  6. So pretty, Katie...and I love the bird cages! I added some faux bittersweet this year, as I have 2 curious pugs that I'm afraid might get into the real thing!

  7. Hi Katie, Each vignette you share is an inspiration. I love the bittersweet trailing about is so many pretty ways. Oh my goodness, I forgot to add our blog hop pic to my post today. I will certainly fix that asap.
    Have a great week and looking forward to our hop!!

  8. I love the look of bittersweet, especially in wreaths. Yours is wonderfully dark and I'm going to go check out the source. thanks!

  9. I suppose, because I am a westerner, I have never seen bittersweet. I love how you have used it over time, through the season, and enjoyed it! Blessings, Cindy xo

  10. Very, very pretty! I love those velvet pumpkins too.


  11. What lovely photos! The bittersweet adds a touch of excitement to each vignette. Your birdcage with raven and black velvet pumpkin is so dramatic with the bittersweet. I saw your link at the Monday Special party.

  12. Katie,
    Great tip that bittersweet can bought from eBay. I love vines with tendrils.


  13. I love all the little pops of color you have added to your home with this vine. It is so pretty. I know nothing about it, other than I love the way it looks.

  14. Love that orange color! Thanks again for sharing with us at the To Grandma's House we go link party! Pinned!