Friday, September 30, 2016

Kicking The Sugar Craving

My blog has returned to normal after this post
I'm not complain-a-bragging here. 
It was fun sponsoring a post for the Paisley Grace Boutique. 
I would love to do it again. 

It was odd seeing my blog go crazy and having the thought that so many people were reading my blog who didn't "know" me on the internet. 

My foray into fashion blogging was a different experience. 
I have never liked pictures of myself. 
A thought that didn't occur to me until I offered to do a post for Paisley Grace. 
I really need to take some vitamins or something for my thinking skills.

Let's Add Sprinkles, Fashion Post,

We took over 100 photos. 
No, you can't see them. 
It caused me to contemplate my choices of late. 
I know better but the stresses over the past 6 months caused me to go a little sugar crazy. 
I knew it was happening but I tried to tell myself that my pants were tighter because we were putting all our clothes in the dryer. 
Drying clothes shrinks them, right? 

Don't ask me why it is important to dry your clothes. 
I know this from experience, so trust me. 
When I say "we" started drying our clothes, I mean we because Bill helps with the laundry.
I know! He's a saint. 
Don't tell him I said this but he helps because I lose his socks. I don't do this on purpose...

I gave up refined sugar on Monday. I had to start Monday because my sister left pie at my house and we ate it on Sunday. 

After three days without sugar, I sent out a desperate plea for Pop-Tarts on Facebook. 
Can you believe no one came to my rescue? 
One friend offered me Little Debbie. 
That is what I used to buy the kids so I wouldn't eat their snacks.

I'm so hungry. 
I made it through the initial cravings by eating fruit. 

I'm so glad it is Honey Crisp apple season. 
It is a struggle at first but I wanted to share what happens to me after just a few days off of the white stuff. 

The cravings start to lessen and my pants are easier to button after only a few days. 
This causes encouragement to keep going instead of giving up and going out to get my own package of Pop-Tarts since my friends won't bring me any.
I might need to evaluate my friends list on Facebook.

 I watched a documentary about sugar on Netflix a few months ago.
It was eye opening to see how the industry pushed the consumption of sugar onto the populace.
If the documentary is to be believed, it was planned and calculated and we were manipulated.
The average American consumes 66 pounds of sugar per year.
There are between 50+ names for sugar and it is hidden in our our processed food.

In my case it is very addictive.
I know I have reached a critical point when I want dessert after every meal.
At this point you might like to interject that you don't have a sweet tooth.
I can no longer be your friend, if that is the case.

I do know that after a few weeks anything with sugar tastes too sweet.
Until then, you will find me in the kitchen eating an apple, strawberries or grapes or all of them.

Have a wonderful evening, my friends.


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  1. I think you look great Katie but I can totally relate to the sugar addition. I can't even do bread or rice or I'm right back in it. It's amazing the foods that have sugar in them. Fruit is such a great choice and I'm glad you found some choices you enjoy!

  2. I'm rutting for you to stay off the sugar, but I know how hard it is. Check out some of the starchy foods too as there is a lot of sugar in foods like potatoes and such.

  3. Oh, can I relate or what?!?! This past year has been SO stressful, I have eaten my way back into the 60 lbs I lost 2 years ago :( I'll be praying with you as you forge into a healthier eating pattern! Blessings, Cindy xo

  4. I have had this same battle with sugar. I have given it up for months at a time...several times...only to get addicted to it again. Thanks for your encouragement. (I just drank my coffee black - no sugar - So proud!)

  5. I tried to air dry clothes but I found it not so easy. Too much of a musky smell if you don't do it outside

  6. I agree with you Katie, giving up sugar is challenging and it is hidden in so many things. I know that you are a woman with willpower though, so you will do this with success.
    I too air dry my clothes.

  7. You definitely need to do more fashion posts. You rocked it!

    Sugar is causing my clothes to get tighter too. We also try to blame it on the dryer. :)

  8. Yes, that darn dryer is working overtime at my house! We could be great friends because sugar is a huge weakness of mine and I would bring you pop tarts just so I could grab a couple out of the box LOL! By the way, you looked beautiful in your Paisley Grace post!

  9. Dryers can be evil, you know...ha! I need to see the documentary on sugar...oy vey...too much of a sweet tooth for a person with lots of diabetes in the family medical history. Thanks for the tip. Love your laundry room. Don't suppose you'd come over and help me redo mine... Yes, more fashion posts please...

  10. Great post, Katie! I had to laugh about starting after you finished the pie. I do that all the time! You look fantastic!