Friday, November 4, 2016

Our New Greenhouse

Bill said it was like building with a giant Erector Set.
Remember those?

Palram Nature Hybrid Greenhouse 

I thought there was a little Tinker Toy aspect to it as well.

The reviews said that it would take all day to build and it did.
We are slow learners so we had some tweaking to do the next day.

Palram Nature Hybrid Greenhouse

The directions were a little difficult to figure out at times.

Palram Nature Hybrid Greenhouse

Palram Nature Hybrid Greenhouse

Palram Nature Hybrid Greenhouse, Red shed

I've wanted a cold frame or greenhouse for the last several years.
I do what I always do and went to Pinterest for inspiration.
See my greenhouse board-here.
I saw a darling structure made of old windows. You can read about it-here.
I think Bill quickly realized that sizing a bunch of old windows would be a nightmare.
Old windows aren't exactly a bargain in our area anyway.

Deck, Red Shed,Palram Nature Hybrid Greenhouse

So he opened his Amazon app and the Palram Nature Hybrid Greenhouse in green was on its way to us.
It showed up on our front porch four days later.
The extra deck pad next to the shed was a perfect size for this adorable garden conservatory.

Greenhouse, Palram Nature Hybrid Greenhouse

I am going to have so much fun.
We are going to use this to overwinter our tender plants but the way this weather has been, it might not even be necessary.
It doesn't come with shelves so we are considering what to do about those.
I have some ideas for the inside.
You will be invited back for a reveal.
Can you see this outfitted with twinkle lights for the holidays?
P.S. The roofers are finally here!
It is loud.
Have a blessed day.


  1. I'm not good at building, I have no patience or skill.

  2. If that was anything like the old IKEA furniture plans it would've taken us a week. You did well coming in so close to a day. Looks great even without plants. Twinkle lights? That might be worth putting one up in the backyard after all!

  3. That is adorable and I can hardly wait to see how you deck this inside and out as your greenhouse and for the holidays.

    Happy Fall ~ FlowerLady

  4. Oh i love your greenhouse. Contgratulations! I did go to your Pinterest board and I started one myself! My grandmother had a Potting Shed she called it. And my father had a green house. I'll have to write a post about his sometime. You've inspired me. I wonder if my mother could find some pics! Thanks for the inspiration!
    Enjoy your weekend!

  5. Really cute ... I know you will enjoy it. You might even be growing veggies in it this winter.

  6. Looks will be fun to see how you use it!

  7. Katie,
    Are winter tomatoes in your future? Yes, twinkle lights.... I'm planning fairy lights for my new covered porch.


  8. What a wonderful addition to your backyard, Katie! I can see it with a Christmas tree inside- so festive! We're enjoying an unseasonably warm weekend up north, so we'll be hanging Christmas lights today without jackets or gloves. What a treat!

  9. How wonderful that you had the deck pad just waiting there! I am impressed that you got it together so quickly. I know you are going to love having it.
    We will be having our roof replaced (due to hail damage) as well. I am dreading the noise.

  10. You are going to love having that greenhouse! I want one too. :)

  11. Katie,
    Perfect size!
    In addition to "wintering~over" your plants will you also,
    begin new seedlings in early Spring, dear friend?

  12. I love your greenhouse and this entire backyard area is so charming! Great job Katie! I am looking forward to seeing all the future plants your greenhouse will hold.

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley