Thursday, November 24, 2016

Tutorial for Flocking Christmas Greenery

  Happy Thanksgiving.
Are you ready to pull out Christmas stuff this afternoon or tomorrow?
I wanted to get this flocking tutorial posted before you begin decking your halls for Christmas.
My flocking secret was revealed here on Monday.  

 Here is a tutorial to help you flock almost anything. 

Step 1
Fluff your greens.
Reshaping your worn out garlands, trees and picks will give them new life.

Step 2
Paint the item that you would like flocked. 
Spray paint gets more coverage and is easier than brush painting but either will work. 
Let dry.

Step 3
Joint Compound

Load some white joint compound onto to the end of a putty knife.

Gently smear it on the tips of your branches. 
This is messy. Joint compound will fall through the branches so make sure that you have a covered work surface.

Each time the putty knife is loaded, it is enough to decorate a three or four inch section.
The joint compound I have was pink when we opened the container.  Because we have had it a few years it is now more of a putty color but it has dried white.
You have to use a white joint compound not something putty colored.

Otherwise it might look like yellow snow and we all know the rule about that. 

Step 4
Glitter or Snow

Sprinkle with iridescent glitter immediately before it dries.

I didn't have any but I think that the craft "snow" that can be sprinkled would work great.
This will need to dry 24 hours.

Decorate as desired.

This was a commercially flocked pick that had turned brown.
I re-flocked it.

Here is a little church that I repainted and flocked.



Here is a garland I made for our lamp post.

I'm not sure how it will do with the weather but I'm okay with that.
I hope you all have a blessed Thanksgiving.
I have so much to be thankful for.



  1. thanks for providing all the pictures and info. I've passed up quite a few bargains and pretty things due to the old flocking going bad. Now I'll be able to buy those knowing I can redo them.

  2. Yay Katie!! thanks so much for sharing the how-to. This is really pretty!!

  3. It sure is a messy job...I just bought 2 of the cutest flocked, lighted, 3 foot trees at Big Lots for $30 for the two...they are really cute and can be used outside or inside..I am using mine in the dining room and very happy with them...I am not decorating like a crazy woman this year...not even getting all my decos out...the older I get, less is more for holiday decorating....

  4. Love flocked trees but not too sure I want to take the time to flock one. But thanks Katie for the good instructions in case I change my mind. May just take bj's easy way to have flocked trees. Anxious to see the Cozy Christmas Blog Tour.

  5. Katie,
    Thank you for the tutorial... just the kind of info I need.