Friday, December 16, 2016

12 Crafts of Christmas/#6 Painted Cottages

I don't know if I'm going to make it. 
We are only half way through our 12 Crafts of Christmas series.
So craft number 6 is going to have to coincide with pictures of our 2016 Christmas kitchen.
I hope you can cope.

Walmart has the cutest stuff sometimes.
A while ago, I bought a little cottage. I think it was only $4.99.
It has been in blogging photos before.

It made its internet debut in December of 2012.

In 2015, it got a makeover with pink paint and more glitter. The little deer was from Hobby Lobby.

Pink wasn't making an appearance again.
I change my color scheme a little every year because I love making more work for myself.
You can read about how I started crushing on green in this post.
The green in my kitchen niches became the inspiration for Christmas 2016.
The cottage needed another paint job to coordinate.
Soon it will have as many layers as my dining room walls.

Painting over glitter isn't a problem. I just sprinkled it with more glitter before the paint dried.

Now it matches two Martha Stewart cottages that were picked up at a Macy's clearance sale.

Two vintage Snowbaby cake decorations were an Ebay win.

They are just too cute.

A snowman ornament sans the hanger got the same paint treatment.
The white truck came from CVS. It is hauling a thrift store tree home in the bed of the truck.
See my how I turned a placemat with the same type of motif into a pillow.

I used  Command Strips hook to hang a watercolor to the marble tile.

The Santa mug was from a student about 20 years ago. He is still a favorite.

Red roses have adorned the table this month. Each bouquet has lasted about a week.

The snowman centerpiece is Christmas craft number 4.

Thanks so much for stopping by.
Here is another one I did for the tree.

Don't be afraid to make over your decor if it doesn't fit with your color scheme.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Don't forget to stop by and see Jann for her Creating Christmas post.


  1. I love your little cottage and how you changed the paint to match your colorscheme. I'm all about repainting when necessary! I really like the shade of green you used too. Your marble looking subway tile is so pretty!

  2. You are such a talented artist Katie!

  3. The green paint treatment is my favorite! I would never have thought to paint those little houses. And the only time I saw vintage snow babies was at an antique class I took back in the 80's. Love them! Your little painting looks sweet hanging in your kitchen. I bet you're enjoying your repainted cabinets, too!

  4. Your kitchen is so lovely, Katie...and I love the green and fresh!

  5. I'm a total fan of the green, Katie. Love the pottery bowl and pitcher! Amazing how that cottage looks just right, no matter what the color. I have a similar little house that's looking tired in the red. I think a paint makeover is due! (had a laugh about the dining room walls)