Thursday, January 5, 2017

5 Ways To Keep The Twinkle Of Christmas Going

One of my favorite things about the Christmas decor is the twinkle lights that come with having trees and garlands. 
The world needs more twinkle, in my humble opinion.
After the thrill is gone and Christmas is put away, the house looks a little sad.
You can add some winter decor as I have done in this post but I've got five ways to keep the twinkle going into the month of January.

#1. Battery Operated Candles

#2. Faux Fireplace

Ours in the sunroom adds such a cozy glow.

#3. Strings Of White Lights

There are plenty of white novelty lights that don't necessarily scream Christmas.

#4. Votive Candles

#5. Undecorated Trees

The tree out in the green house is still glowing each night.

I will be back to share more about our little green house.
I just love it. It is the cutest thing.
Keep that twinkle going.


  1. My wife got one of those scented candles for xmas. I always make sure it's never on if we are out of the picture.

  2. I miss the glow of the white lights at Christmas too. For me, I like to light candles and have a fire burning in the fireplace too.

  3. Love this post! I love the sparkle of the white lights too. We were out with friends the other night talking about the white lights in the trees. It would be nice to have some of those year round too. :)

    Happy New Year sweet friend.

  4. I miss the glow of mini colored lights from the tree. I do have 3 battery operated vanilla scented candles with a remote, that change colors, for Christmas. They can be set to run 4 or 8 hours also.

    I've been thinking about stringing some white LED lights that I have, I just don't know where yet.

    Your home is so lovely ~ Happy January ~ FlowerLady

  5. I confess, I still have our tree up. We didn't host our Christmas until last weekend, so I feel I should keep the twinkle going a little longer. Our house always feels so bare after I undecorate and I think a new set of lights across a mantel or 2 is a great idea! Shine on!

  6. OK, a confession from someone else, I still have my tree up. But my husband is insisting it come down this weekend, ha ha! I just love lights and I love all your ideas and beautiful things. I have a couple candle lights on to give me some twinkle but I'm gonna use your ideas too and make it last as long as I can! Happy weekend!

  7. oh beautiful post..looks so cozy there (:)
    beautiful home...
    thanks on my V angels..

  8. Katie,
    Is it snowing at your house? We've had a sprinkling of snow this afternoon adding some sparkle to the gray overcast skies. Love your twinkle ideas. I have a strand of fairy lights that are entwined in a grapevine that wraps around some of the open beams on the second floor, and they are left up year round.


  9. I love the faux woodstove - I've been wanting one. Then I would pack it up for the summer.

  10. Yup, we can all use a little more twinkle in our lives! I've kept some trees out and added winter d├ęcor. I love lighting votives, and candles, but I put my twinkle lights away. I'll have to leave them out next year.