Friday, January 27, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day Figurine

How cute is he? 
Doesn't he look happy? 

He started out as a Christmas decoration. 

Debra @ Common Ground had a little guy in this blog post. 
My little guy has similar lines. 
Okay, he doesn't have lines. 
He is more like the Pillsbury Dough Boy. 
Bill couldn't figure him out. 
He's not really a snowman. He's not really a clown. 
He's a cutie but he needed a bit of a makeover so that he could be a little spot of Valentine's Day sunshine. 

Anything that looked "so last December" got covered with white paint.  

He was sprinkled with polka dots and hearts while Bill put a movie in the queue for our evening viewing. 
It was not a good movie. Just sayin.

Can you even stand the cuteness? 
He looks like he doesn't have a care in the world. 

He isn't worried about fake media.
He isn't worried about Russia. 
He isn't worried that President Trump hasn't done enough in his first five days in office. 
He isn't worried that women are marching for equal rights. 
He isn't worried about protesters.
He isn't worried about cost increases or job cuts. 
This little guy is as happy as an investor when the Dow reaches above 20,000. 
What an example for all of us. Well, at least to me he is.  

What a little butterball of Valentine's Day inspiration. 

Have a wonderful Friday!
I hope you don't have a care in the world.
Just like my little friend.


  1. He is adorable all dressed of for Valentine's Day...pure whimsy!
    Happy weekend, Katie!

  2. What a wonderful transformation and post! Thanks for sharing this.
    Your little guy brings happiness! Come over and link at The Fabulous Party and share your words of wisdom! Here's this weeks link:
    Happy Valentines Day!

  3. He is so cute and happy- love the transformation!

  4. hahhaa...he's adorable..I love him and I love the cute makeover you did for him....
    Have you heard from Pat over at Crooked Creek blog lately...? I haven't and see that she hasn't blogged in awhile...

  5. He certainly makes me smile! Love the addition of the polka dots and hearts!

  6. Luv that little heart candle!!!! So sweet! xoxoxo

  7. He really is cute. Love those smiling eyes! I collect snowmen.

  8. What a darling trandsformation!!
    So cute!! Thanks so much for all your visits and kind words!!

  9. Katie,
    Cute, cute, cute... Had I been painting this little guy, it would have taken me a lot longer than the time it takes to load a movie. You are a fast painter. :)


  10. Oh he's just adorable, the sort of little face that makes you smile when you see him. Love the little heart shaped candle. I need to get out my goodies this week! hope you're having a great weekend!