Saturday, February 25, 2017

Bunny Bunny 2

You might have a bit of a hoarding problem if you forget you have stuff. 
That is precisely what happened to me four years ago when I was creating my spring front porch. 
I wanted bunnies!

It finally dawned on me that I had a big concrete bunny but I hadn't seen him in a very long while.
I searched and searched and couldn't find him anywhere. 
I thought he had became part of the new retaining wall.

We had the wall rebuilt during Christmas in 2012. 
I wasn't thinking about bunnies or gardens at Christmas. 
In fact, I think I was sick that week. 

That is what happens when you are too sick to move your stuff before workmen come.
This is what happens when your husband doesn't give a fly fig about yard ornamentation and has to move the ornamentation for you.

My poor bunny.
He was an Easter or spring gift from Bill one year. 

I replaced him but it wasn't the same.

It made me a little crazy to not know where Bunny Bunny was.
How wasteful? What would my grandmother say?
I was on my third day of leaf mitigation in the back yard. Our yard man moved to Houston.
I'm a little bitter about it because the two year break from leaf mitigation was a blessed relief.
Yet, I sucked it up and went back out into the yard. Rake in hand. I can't do gloves and I have the blisters to show for it. Bill doesn't understand that I'm just not coordinated enough to work in gloves.

I was almost done for the day.
The two snakes, one toad and a lone caterpillar wanted me to be done for the day.
They were annoyed to be woken up from their late winter slumber.
Raking out a rock lined path full of English ivy isn't fun. I trimmed the ivy and moved the rocks.
I'd found several buried rocks during this process.
Stuff tends to sink in my back yard because of the sandy loam soil.
I thought I'd found another rock but instead saw two cute little ears poking up out of the ground.
I found the bunny!
He was literally buried up to his ears.

Sweet, Bunny Bunny. A little dirty and with one broken ear

What a treasure.

What a reward for three long days of yard work.
I gave him a quick bath outside and a good scrubbing inside.

He has requested that he be moved to the front yard where the soil isn't so sandy.

I have granted his request but what he doesn't know, won't hurt him.
One of his compadres is lost in the front yard as I write.

This time thanks to the roofers.

Here's a picture of his name sake.
The original Bunny Bunny.
Rebekah got him for Easter when she was teeny tiny.
This was her all time favorite stuffed animal.

Welcome back to the surface!
I have a feeling bunnies will make a good showing around here this spring.
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  1. I'm so glad you found Bunny Bunny. Funny how those kinds of things can mean so much to you, isn't it? I understand. ;)

  2. Just when you thought he was gone forever, you "unearthed" him! It's hard to believe everything is that green in your yard when we've still got a few feet of snow!

  3. Aw, how great that you found Bunny Bunny! It is a gift to find long lost personal treasures! My son lost a stuffy duck (his name was Duck), a few years ago, and we are hopeful that one day, he'll turn up!

  4. What a sweet bunny! Glad he's back home!

  5. Just what I needed to hear this morning! sweet story that we can truly find a deeper meaning within. Happy Sunday, Katie.

  6. Darling little story...Thanks!

  7. I just LOVE bunnies and have many. In fact bought another one for outside the other day! Your bunny bunny is adorable and I am so glad you found him!

  8. Katie, I'm so happy you found your bunny. I had a favorite Peter Rabbit taken out of my garden when we first moved to this house. Local fraternity boys seem to think it's OK to take things. ;-(
    Now all my garden bunnies reside in the back behind the wall. I love to see them peeking out of the lush green leaves.

  9. thanks for the chuckle. hope the bunny doesn't sink in this time.

  10. Awww, isn't Bunny Bunny the cutest? So glad you found him amongst the ivy! I always start out with gloves, but never end up with them on. :) Thanks for sharing with SYC.