Wednesday, March 15, 2017

A Cold Weekend At The Lake

Warm and sunny.
Warm and sunny.
Warm and sunny.
Katie packs her bags to go to the lake,
cold and cloudy.
Oh well.

The wind coming off of the lake was frigid.
The breezeway lived up to its name.
It didn't freeze but it was 38 degrees or so. It felt colder than that to me but I'm a wimp.
It was not really lay on the deck and read a book type of weather.
This was my choice of footwear since I left sensible shoes at home.

After the guys went fishing, (brrr.) we decided to bundle up and head to town.
Several of the towns around my brother's lake house have darling antique shops.
I've written about them before. My favorite antique shop is call Town Square Antiques in Sulphur Springs, Texas.

They have chipped and shabby garden ornaments.

I've never seen a concrete turkey and he was pricey at $145.00 but I would agree that he is rare and unusual. He would be fun on a front porch for Thanksgiving.

There were a couple of things that I thought you'd appreciate.
The silver spray painted saddle and the chocolate looking Statue of Liberty.
I'm sure they will ship if you just have to have either of these two items.

The shabby chic room is my favorite in the mall.
I've bought several of her items in the past but I didn't buy anything this time.

We had already done our spending at Danna's & The Florist.
This shop is a florist but there is also tableware, home decor, gifts, Brighton and jewelry.
 I spotted some Spode, Delamere plates and I was smitten.
 I started to think about its use for other seasons not just the fall.

Bill bought 12 plates for our anniversary and my birthday.
Sulphur Springs is undergoing a revitalization so there are several new restaurants and a little winery.
We'd like to try the new German restaurant at some point.

We made plans to head back a little earlier on Sunday morning because it was even colder still.
As soon as we started loading up the truck, the sun came out.

Are you serious?

I've had fun playing with my new plates this week.

I'll be back with an Easter tablescape.
I've also been staging and taking pictures for our Hello, Spring Blog Tour next
Monday - Thursday.

Please make plans to come back and have a look.
Have a great day.

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  1. I think we might have been fighting it out for your new plates -- they're fabulous! It's a great shop -- and trust me, 38? We'd kill for 38 degrees right now!

  2. Crazy weather, right? It's all warm and sunny during the week then on the weekend when we need to be working on things at the farm - bam! Cold and raining! Hope the weather cooperates this weekend. I need to get some outdoor things done. Love those plates. Looks like fun places to shop.

  3. That antique market place looks great. The Shabby Chic room would be my favorite too.
    Hopefully soon the lake house will be warm and sunny to visit.