Friday, March 3, 2017

People Have Asked Me & Thrifty Finds

One of our friends asked me if my switching things around all the time was just for blogging purposes.
"Oh, no!"
"I've always been like this."

I've also been asked, "What are you going to do when you quit your job?"
The assumption being that I won't be able to afford all my gadgets and gizmos, whozits and whatnots.
The thrift store is my answer.
It is a great place to get decorative stuff.

I plan a cloche display with these two. Stuff always looks cuter under glass.

The application to volunteer at the thrift store is currently upstairs on my dressing table.
I plan to be on the front lines in the acquisition of great gadgets and gizmos.

This frame was $3.00. Gorgeous.

Don't worry.
I'm not turning into a hoarder.

This will replace our Texas birdhouse that fell apart last year. My wrens were looking for a place to nest the other day. Hopefully they will take up residence. It was $8.00.

Five yards of outdoor fabric for $5.00. Are you kidding? Outdoor fabric is at least $10.00 a yard. This will be new pillows since the old ones faded like crazy. 

I'll just pop stuff back to the thrift store when we're done with it.

I say "we" but I mean "me".
Bill doesn't really care about this stuff.

I actually hope he doesn't see this blog post. 

The thread had three white spools and a black spool. Well worth $5.00 since thread is about $4.00 a spool.

I have pretty good thrift stores in my area.

Sometimes there is nothing.
This week there was some cute and usual stuff that will show up in my spring vignettes.
It is always fun to re-make, re-style and re-use something.

This vintage, wall decor antique car was my favorite find.
It reminded me of the summer my dad acquired an old Model T Ford.

Clearly, you can see that I get this collecting gene from him.
You will get to see all my thrifted finds as they show up around the house.
Hopefully, they will look fresh and cute sprinkled about here and there.
Have a wonderful Friday!

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  1. I love finding gadgets and gizmos too, does not make us hoarders!! I adore the picture of your Dad.

  2. I'm glad that you're enjoying your retirement with a new hobby. Thrifting can be a lot of fun. Love that old pic of your dad with that vintage car! It's weird seeing it parked in front of a modern home.

  3. Katie,
    Front lines of thrifting... cannot get any better than that.


  4. You never know what you may find

  5. Neat picture of your Dad.
    Nice to have good thrift stores in your area. You scored some great finds.
    Happy Saturday!

  6. Heck yeah! Thrifting makes it all affordable. Congratulations on retirement. I did it 5 years ago this month, and love it so much. I may have a slight hoarding problem, from the looks of my basement bins!! :)

  7. Katie, I like you have always decorated and switched things out regularly in my home. I grew up with a mom that loved do decorate. Any more I would much have something old and time worn than new. Thrift shops are the best and you never know what awesome thing you will find. Like that car, just meant to be my friend!

  8. I have come to the conclusion I would have to sit at my local GW all day everyday for the best finds. Hard to find much and sometimes I get home and it's chipped. Never any good furniture. Many of the better things go online for auction. But, I still love the search.

  9. Great buys. Had to laugh thinking of you volunteering so you can be amongst all that stuff.

  10. I used to drive my husband crazy switching thing out and moving furniture around. He eventually got used to it. My daughter worked at a thrift store it was wonderful.