Saturday, April 8, 2017

The Genie Bottle

If you could have three wishes what would they be? 

My sister would come over for play dates before we were sisters. 
She is actually my step sister but we don't think of each other in those terms.
She's my sister but we were friends from the time she was a toddler - long before she became my sister. 

I was the older and meaner sister. 
I told her tales of the genie bottle in my room.
"I Dream of Jeannie" was on television and the opaline, hobnail, glass perfume bottle had the perfect shape to be our genie bottle. 
She wanted to open the bottle and let the genie out so that we could have our three wishes. 

I was saving them. For what? I don't know. 

Wishes are like having money in a savings account.
They are hovering around for some indistinct reason to be withdrawn at some later date. 
 But like a miser, would they ever be cashed in? 

Should I be granted three wishes, now, I wouldn't wish for wealth or possessions. 

My grown up wishes would have a longer lasting intrinsic value.
They'd encompass virtues instead of being of value. 
They would benefit others not just myself.

Truth, goodness, decency, respectability, honesty, worthiness, diligence, hard work, integrity, frugality, just might be on the list.
What are your top three? 

I'd love to uncork that bottle.
Have a great day.


  1. Katie, You said older and meaner...I was the older of all the girls in my family...but far from being the meaner. LOL. As we age , I think we do become wiser... Wishes are better if helping others. I see your sweet profile photo, you don't looked anywhere near being older.:) And you certainly don't look mean. . Blessings to you , keeper of the wishes. xoxo, Susie

  2. Lovely post and lovely pictures! I think my three wishes would be good health, a peaceful heart......
    and contentment.

  3. Your perfume bottles caught my eye right away, as I have a thing for decorative bottles. These are such pretty pictures with the Pink roses. A lovely post, indeed.


  4. A person with a Nina Ricci Lalique bottle for L'air du Temps just can't be that mean. Now about that Geni bottle missy.
    What would I wish for ? To start a foundation to help those that fall thru the cracks and no one helps. For good health and world peace.

  5. You certainly named some very good wishes. I like all of those myself. I would wish for a cure for all auto immune diseases, a cure for my dogs enlarged heart problem, and for a complete recovery for my moms fractured pelvis.

  6. Oh- I wish we had a bottled genie that would grant us three wishes! I, too, would wish for different things than I would have wished for years ago. I would wish for things like a cure for all cancer, peace, etc.
    I bet you are no longer the 'mean' sister! lol xo Diana

  7. I loved this post, Katie, and all your wishes!! I'd wish for peace, kindness, and gentleness for all mankind.

  8. Katie, your genie bottles are gorgeous! You have made a beautiful display with the roses. My sister that is just a year older than me is named Jeanie. We always loved that show. Isn't it funny how our wished would change now that we are older and wiser. I think you hit lots of important ones on the head! I would definitely add happiness and joy to the lot. :) So happy you'll be sharing this with SYC.

  9. Katie,
    Your bottles and how you displayed them are lovely. I Loves this post!! I would wish for health, happiness for my family and peace.
    Thanks so much for stopping by!

  10. I believe that many things have improved over the years, but as humans we are always looking to improve our lives and hopefully the lives of others. I would wish for peace, and no suffering for children, and healthy lives for everyone.

  11. Love this post, Katie! I would wish for everyone in my family to be happy, for good health for all, and for peace in the world.