Wednesday, May 3, 2017

A Precious Plant

There are times as a teacher when you unequivocally know that a family has made a deep and abiding impact on your life. When you have made one on their life, the feeling is a treasure.
It is always such a blessing to be used to touch the life of a child.   
One of my sweet students brought me a plant. 

Three year old students are the best gift givers. 
Kalanchoe plants are wonderful bloomers and the blooms last for weeks.
After a while, my precious plant stopped blooming and I pinched off all of the dead flowers.
I set it in a warm and sunny spot in the garden room thinking it would eventually re-bloom.

Instead it got a little out of control.
 It is the leggy thing on the top shelf.

Last February it was ridiculously out of control.
On-line searches for how to get it to flower were fruitless.
A bigger pot was in order and since it was so unruly, it was vanquished to the outdoors.

The crazy thing!

Somehow it survived a Texas summer.

It still didn't bloom.
It was one of the first occupants of the greenhouse.
Our October, November and December were warmer than usual so it was nice and toasty out there.

The big joke around here is that we had three days of winter.

All my plant babies were covered in blankets but there wasn't a heater yet in the greenhouse.
I rescued my special plants and brought them inside.

The most amazing thing had happened.

While the plant was in the greenhouse during our warm and sunny fall, buds formed.
The greenhouse was the key.

It started to bloom the week I decided that it was time to retire.
Do you believe in signs?
I don't believe in signs, per say.
I do believe the Lord directs my path.
Some would say that it was a sign that I should stay - that my career had impact but that isn't what it said to me.
 Instead, I felt it a sweet bookend on this chapter of my life.

It bloomed all winter long.

I repotted some cuttings.
I've set it outside to repeat the cycle.
I can't wait to see if this was just a fluke or if I found the key to getting kalanchoes to re-bloom.
I'll keep you posted.
Have a great day.

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  1. Katie- That is really an inspiring story. What it says to me is to never give wait and look for 'the miracle'. I have one like that and I don't think it has ever bloomed. hmmm...I didn't know it was supposed to bloom and always just assumed it was a 'green' plant. Maybe I will get a miracle of my own one of these days.

    Happy 'retirement'- which you will soon find out is not really retirement at all. lol xo Diana

  2. Maybe a sign, maybe not. Maybe just a serendipitous and lovely close to this part of your career. It's simply lovely.

  3. Oh, I do believe it is a sign - I think it means you are going to "blossom" in this new chapter in your life!

  4. Katie,
    However long you would remain in the classroom you would always have an impact. No, this blooming plant is not a sign to stay in your classroom. There would always be another "sign" forever and ever to stay.

    I think this is a sign that your greenhouse is a good thing. :)