Friday, June 2, 2017

Deep Cleaning Floor Tile/ The First Project of Summer

Every summer when the kids were out of school, I'd pull out the leftover paint and touch up the walls in the halls and stairwells.
There was usually a years worth of little fingerprints to clean up. 
I don't need to do that anymore for little people but I needed to do some of that for our Dixie, however. 

She loves to put her paws up on the little sidelight window sills to see who is at the door.
I've tried to explain to her that the people ringing the doorbell bring fun surprises from eBay or Amazon.
She doesn't get it.

The threshold had some chipping paint.

So did the trim on either side of the door.
We still had all the paint which was handy.
The floor needed a good, deep cleaning because there were some stains in the grout.

Keeping grout clean is such a challenge.
I thought about renting a steam cleaner.
In the end, I boiled water on the stove and very, very carefully poured it on the tile.
You don't want it to splash.
A Clorox pen, toothbrush and old fashioned elbow grease did the trick.

I usually don't mop with a bucket.
After the first pass, it seems like all that does is wipe dirty water all over the floor.
I use old towels soak up the excess water.

 It looks so much better. 
A few of the deeper stains did not come out for some reason and I've tried everything.
Oh well. At least the house looks lived in.

I also did some dusting and fluffing.

I've pulled out a few strawberry decor items from my stash.

They are fun for early summer decorating.

One project done and crossed off of the list.

It's official. My classroom is cleared out and I've turned in my keys.
I'll have a little stipend position next year and I may substitute teach but I will not have to report to the campus except for a limited amount.
It felt like a weight was lifted off of my shoulders when I set down the keys.
The theme song to Rocky popped in my head as soon as I woke up that morning.
I hummed it as I placed the keys on the desk.
"Let us run with endurance the race that is set before us."

Deep cleaning the entry way was a great start to my retirement. 
I'll be doing the same cleaning treatment in the sunroom.
Thanks for stopping by. 


  1. I'm pretty impressed that you are deep cleaning at home after the huge project of moving out of a classroom! Your strawberry pieces are lovely and so is Dixie.

  2. Deep cleaning as the kickoff to summer. Wow!! Your entry looks beautiful. Congrats on your retirement. I'm sure you have lots of plans. Enjoy a time well deserved. Happy Weekend

  3. I worked on my kitchen tile this week as well. I used pure "mean green" probably 100% bleach. It looks better but I have the rough type tile, and to me it never looks good! That would be the 1st change I would make to my home if I were RICH! New tile, or hardwood! Have a good w/e and enjoy your retirement!!

  4. I'm so glad you are feeling good about the retirement and released. And bravo on the cleaning. The Clorox pen is a great tip. And I really need to repaint windowsills/trim. I think they are beyond a good scrubbing even with my favorite Mr. Clean sponges!

  5. You are so creative and busy! I bet you'll love not reporting to work every day.

  6. Katie,
    Summer does seem to be the season for deep cleaning and paint touch-ups for teachers. Now, you will have time to do those big jobs all during the year. Your tile looks great!


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