Friday, July 7, 2017

Dyeing A Leather Ottoman

Dying or Dyeing?
It is dyeing, I checked.

We got a new ottoman for the man cave. 
It is double the size of the previous ottoman.
Bill's feet are not getting any bigger, he just wanted to be able to spread out.
I will get around to blogging about it soon, my Lovelies.

We brought the old one downstairs so that we could give it away.
If you are a regular reader you may have seen one of my other dyeing experiments.
Read about how to dye a vintage Louis Vuitton in this post.

Dyeing a couple of handbags was so successful, I decided to try dyeing the ottoman so that it would match our existing leather chair.

The old ottoman was scuffed and scratched and the wrong color.
It was orange instead of chocolate.
Just FYI,  I really don't understand the appeal of orange and chocolate together.
Now, chocolate and raspberry is a flavor combination that I can get behind.

I don't know if I've mentioned this but Bill makes and dyes his own belts.
I'll ask him do a guest blog post about it.
He had some Cordovan dye in the garage but we also had some Dark Brown if the Cordovan was too red.

The whole piece needs to be deglazed before it will take and keep the dye.
I use nail polish remover and a soft cloth.

Using a dye dauber, I made sweeping motions across the leather with the dye.
Leather dye seeps quite a bit, so be careful. I put a trash bag under the ottoman to catch any of the drips.
Let the first coat dry for about an hour.

I did two coats on the top and the puffy sides and one coat on the flat sides.
The flat sides took the dye differently. This was news to me and an important note for my next project.

This was so easy.

It looks like a matched set!
Bill and I never buy furniture in matched sets.
This is a new day for us.

The ottoman looks brand new.
All the scratches have been covered up.

There isn't color transfer once the piece is dry.



I'm thrilled with this.
I was also empowered.
What will be next?

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  1. Wow! We have a set of burgundy leather chairs and ottoman. They are only 5 years old but already do not look good. They are cracked and dry looking and not in a good way. I wonder if we could dye them brown. What do you think?

  2. Oh my gosh I have never seen this done. This is fabulous. The ottoman looks brand new.
    Great job.

  3. Kudos to you Katie. The ottoman look fabulous. It is amazing what we can do with products these days.

  4. This is a wonderful project, Katie! I loved the tutorial...I hope to try it sometime!Thank you for sharing!

  5. Katie,
    Fantastic job! The ottoman looks like a perfect match for the chair. I wish I had seen this post before I had a leather chair in my living room re-upholstered a couple of years ago.


  6. Very nice solution to the problem. Looks great.

  7. Thanks so much for this post! I have a pair of leather chairs in my family room and there are some water stains on the seat of one of them. I have been wondering if I could dye the seat to cover the stains and now I am bold enough to give it a try.

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  8. That's brilliant! Who knew? Thanks so much. I'm off to find that leather dye! Mimi xxx

  9. How wonderful and it looks amazing! I wish it were possible to dye to a lighter shade ... would love to convert our black leather sectional to brown. Thanks for sharing!

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