Thursday, November 9, 2017

Upsizing Our Guest Rooms

We found ourselves apologizing for the size of our guest bed a few weeks ago. 
It prompted a pondering as to the possibility of upsizing our guest beds.

We have three spaces available for guests. 
Bill's office has a bed. That room is the only bedroom downstairs. It has a full size bath right outside the door. It's very private but it only has a twin size bed. Some of guests prefer that space because they like the privacy and they don't have to climb the stairs.

Our youngest son's room upstairs also has a twin.

This room is where we put up the dog kennel.

The other guest room is really the best one because it has a bathroom that is accessible without going out into the hall.

After much consternation, debate, and finally getting overruled, the full size bed will be upsized to a queen.

The full size bed will move to Jonnie's old room. 

The sleigh bed, which was made by my great, great grandfather will be moved to the office.

It's one of my favorite pieces so it's not going anywhere.

This is going to cause a shuffling of all the bedside dressers and end tables.

The giant armoire will be a problem.
It really is too big for this room but Bill swore he was never moving it again after the bonnet bonked him on the head.

It is such a gorgeous piece.
I hate to give anything away at this point because we hope to find a weekend fixer upper. 
Some of our pieces would be adorable at a lake house. 
For now, I've given you one last peek at these rooms as they have looked throughout the years since I've been blogging.
I'll probably dress the beds for the holidays once the new mattress arrives.
Stay tuned.
I hope you are having a great day.


  1. You'll have some fun re-doing these rooms (and work, too lol)! It will be fun to see how you re-use the pieces!

  2. Sounds like fun to get a chance to redo a few rooms! That armoire would be heck to move for sure. I'll bet it looks wonderful decorated for Christmas.

  3. I always feel sorry for my guests as they seem to be in a nun's room. OK, a cute nun's room, but very small. (Good reading material, though). I love your upsizing ideas and it reminds me of the old design program where they basically rearranged furniture in the house, maybe painted or changed out accessories and it looked like new. Nice, Katie!

  4. Katie,
    Lots of shuffling around and moving heavy furniture. I'm sure the end results will be well worth the effort. Love the daybed!


  5. Kate, I'm sure I'd like any of your guest rooms. If you decide to do B&B, let me know!

  6. We have two guests rooms. One has a full bed and we recently upsized the basement one to a king. We bought us a new mattress, so we decided to move our old one down stairs. I'm sure your guest will be very satisfied! Thanks for sharing with SYC.