Saturday, January 13, 2018

10 Trendy Things From Walmart

So what happened to all the Kmart stores? 
I watch a YouTuber from Australia and she talks about Kmart. Is it our Kmart? I used to love Kmart. 
I had the dry heaves in front of a Kmart in Indiana. Did you know that I lived in Indiana during college for two years? I have never been so cold in all my life.
If you lived through the winter of '78, you will know what I'm talking about. 
Enough about Kmart, let's talk about Walmart. 
I was looking for something for the top shelf of my closet. My out of season clothes needed some sort of basket. 
While I was browsing, I saw 10 things that are super cute and super trendy. 
You must get to Walmart soon! 

I've wanted to try my hand at making a handmade hand throw. 
This is chenille but it's very inexpensive compared to the other yarns out there. 

Also in the craft department, there was this darling brass terrarium. 

Pop in some succulent picks and you are good to go. 

I love a good, cute clock. This galvanized one is precious.  

This little copper alarm clock came home with me. 

These jar salt and pepper shakers with copper tops are super cute. 

I loved these copper and galvanized canisters. 

Who would have thought that Walmart would have this trendy mug holder?

Brass is back. These glasses are adorable. 

Pick up a matching trash can while you are there. 

I don't need another cake stand but this marble and wood one are gorgeous. 
That was 11 but who is counting? 
What do you think of these fun finds? 
Happy Saturday. 
Maybe a trip to Walmart is in your future. 

Here is where I party:


  1. These are all terrific finds. And you're right -- no one needs another cake stand but when did that stop us?! I'm glad you got the clock -- it's really cute!

  2. You find the best stuff! I never take the time to stroll around Walmart. I'm glad you pointed out these things. :)

  3. WOW, some great items. Thanks for sharing. I will be following your blog.

    Have a great weekend and I hope your someplace warm.


  4. WalMart has got it going on these days.
    KMart closed where we used to live and now it is closing here in El Paso.
    I loved KMart for Christmas decorations and other treasures:)

  5. I miss Kmart...
    They used to have the cutest Sesame Street Clothes for kids.
    You found some great pieces!!!
    Have a nice weekend.
    I just came back from Walmart.
    Groceries, though. : )

  6. I live in Chicago and I definitely remember the blizzard of 78 and 79!! Be glad you aren't here now---we've been in the single digits more days than I can count.

    Our K-Mart just recently closed. There is a Target right across the street and I think it didn't help their business. I haven't been to a Walmart in awhile but I love hearing what bloggers find. It's crazy sometimes--the little goodies I find at Walgreens and CVS! Everyone is getting on trend or maybe manufactures promoting more to these drugstore chains.

    Thanks for the list of good stuff. I ought to do something like this one day, I online shop 24/7! ;-D


  7. Katie, I did a post that posted this morning on ideas and featured your blog with another great one. I didn't even know you had posted another great informative post today! Talk about coincidence!

  8. I was never a Kmart girl but Walmart is my place! I grocery shop there once, maybe twice a week and of course I always check out the other side of the store. I love your new finds and I will have to see if my Walmart has them. I find cute clothes sometimes too so don't bypass the ladies section!

  9. When I'm in the States I often buy something for the home in Walmart. The last thing I bought was a pig with wings. Cute and cheap. :)

  10. It's funny, I hadn't been in a Walmart in over a year but I ran in one day to get one thing and came out with about ten lol. They really seem to have 'upped their game' with all of these cute, trendy things.

  11. That's great list for shopping. Walmart has lot of such collections to choose from. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Katie, Walmart does have some great stuff now and then! I also love it when they have seasonal things that look vintage. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  13. Thanks. I don't to take the time to browse and you have given me several good ideas.

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  15. Katie, I don't need another cake stand either, but that marble and wood piece is very attractive. Thanks for sharing. I rarely go to Walmart, but perhaps I should make a trip.

  16. You know how to pick out all the trendy things at Walmart! I have never seen any of these at Walmart when I have gone there. Your post is going to make me more aware when I'm at Walmart, and maybe I can find some of these trendy items there! Thank you for sharing!

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