Thursday, January 4, 2018

Note To Future Self

I believe in writing notes to my future self about Christmas things that worked and things that didn't.
For example, I can't ever remember which Christmas sweet treats are our favorites.

I need a note. 

Click on the pictures and it will take you to the blog post and recipe. 
I know, right?

Yummy! I used shredded chicken breasts instead of the canned chicken. 

This year I decided that we should have Mexican food for the big family dinner on Christmas Eve. 
If it was warm outside, we were going to have fajitas. 
Since it was cold, we opted for chicken enchiladas and cheese enchiladas. 
I found two wonderful make ahead recipes. I thought this would give me time to spend with my guests because all we had to do was heat these up. 
Nope. There were too many little sides that needed to be done. 
All of them at the last minute. 
This was especially dicey because we forgot to heat up the tamales. 
You know how turkey is easy but everything else needs to be piping hot at the same time?
It makes an easy turkey dinner, not so easy. 
This was the same thing. 
Note to self. No more Mexican food for Christmas dinner. 

The tables were darling, though. 

It's also a good time to jot down everyone's sizes and gift card preferences. 
Preferences may change in the coming year but the family sizes stay pretty consistent. 

Organizing our decor was on our "to do" list. 
Bill and I did a major clean out of our under the stairs storage. 

The new flocked tree will be protected from the heat and cold of a Texas attic.  
We will have a few things in the attic but the other downstairs decor will be under the stairs. 
Can I get an Hallelujah? 
One box and one tree will be in an upstairs closet. 
I've made notes to myself about which decor is in each box. 
Bill put up twinkle lights so I can see.
Christmas lights in a Christmas closet. 
We are too much! 

We did a few other things to get ready for next Christmas. 
We updated our card list. 
I've also updated my address book with current addresses. 

I picked up some wrapping paper while it was on sale. 

In a genius move, I wrapped each family member's gifts in a different type of wrapping paper. 
It was so much easier, remembering which gift went to each person. 
I was considered average in school, so anytime I can call myself a genius, I'll do it. 

My poor children have had emotional struggles because I've grabbed packages out of their hands mid-open because of my mislabeling. 
I'm a terrible mother. 

Finally, I want to say thank you for linking up to the first ever "Keep in Touch". Since there are only  a few right now, I may figure out how to feature one blogger a week. 
Thank you for reading this blog of mine.  I'm amazed and thankful for each of you! 

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  1. Katie, that's a great idea -- remember what did and didn't work and write it down. I've got to get down to the basement and better organize/store my Christmas (and Halloween, for that matter). Most that has gone down below has gone in totebags and they need to be sorted into their boxes. My totebag collection will grow exponentially by the time it's done! Great ideas and I'm looking forward to the link party. In fact, since I was early, going back to see what's up!

  2. You're going to be SO organized for next Christmas, Katie!

  3. Great ideas here!!! I make up a Word document for every occasion...d├ęcor ideas, meal plans etc., and then stash it in a folder for the next time that particular event happens! (and no, I am not organized in the least....I think I just like to go back and look at the pretty pictures :^)
    What REALLY grabbed my attention though, was the paper the recipe is printed onto!(the recipe looks delish by the way!) The advertising on the paper was for Time manufacturing....MANY years ago, my hubster and I did all of the overhead wiring for the Time P/A system. I got to drive the cherry picker and run him up and down to do the work. I LOVED the new play toy. He managed to get everything done and stay alive as well!
    Thanks for all of the ideas, recipes and smiles your post provided!! Hope you have a blessed new year,
    PS: are you in the Waco area???

  4. I love that we never stop learning Katie! We did Mexican food for Christmas eve one year and it was a bit of work. I organized my storage room before putting away the Christmas as well. Sure feels good! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  5. thanks for the tips , Christmas can be a challenge but tips like this will help next year
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