Monday, February 5, 2018

5 Reasons To Decorate For Valentine's Day

My husband and I were friends for about three years before we started dating.
I knew that he wanted to take our relationship to the next level when he called me on Valentine's Day in 1982.
I will never forget that call.
I was at home taking apart a quilt.

That Valentine's Day craft was busy work to keep me distracted on what could have been a pity party day because I wasn't with someone.
The quilt was eventually re-made and
we got married a little over a year later.

I've been sprinkling a few Valentine's Day decorations around since my children were little.

Here are 5 good reasons to decorate for Valentine's Day. 

#1. The holiday decorations are put away and the house looks a little barren.

#2. It's winter so not much is going on and life is a little boring. Brighten it up with a little decor.

#3. Pink and red are fun pops of color.

#4. Hearts are a sweet and classic motif.

#5. We all need a little more love in our life.

Even if you aren't with a special someone, there are always those in our sphere that need a little encouragement and extra love.

Have a wonderful Monday.
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  1. How romantic! Love all your Valentine touches. Thanks for sharing your happy ever after.

  2. Lovely.
    I agree with each and every one. : )
    Love your love story too.
    Have a cozy afternoon.

  3. OHHH I wish I had a love story to share.
    I absolutely love the lace heart on wire? with the old key
    Thepuffy heart is so sweet also

  4. I love the little things you added to make the time so special. Your love story is so sweet. My hubby called the first time on Valentine's too. :)

  5. Such a sweet post - a love story, charming decor and lovely reasons to decorate. xx Karen

  6. How romantic that you hubby asked you to marry him on Valentines Day. My hubby did the same for me. Your story is really sweet. I love to scatter the pink and reds around my white decor for Valentines day too. Have a great new week.

  7. I love your valentine decor, Katie. Going nuts because I've been trying off and on all day to find my wire and go for the pretty hearts. I know it's here somewhere.

    Your Valentine story is wonderful. No wonder it's an extra special day for you. Don't you just love this holiday?!

  8. Your Valentine Day decorations are sweet and lovely and understated, which I love.

  9. I love your sweet love story...and also, all of the wonderful reasons to decorate for Valentine's Day! Your decor is lovely and charms me!

  10. Love your reasons for decorating for Valentine's Day!! And your story about it!! Cute Valentine's decor!!

  11. I agree whole-heartedly! I LOVE decorating for Valentine's Day - it's so fun to have that pop of color and happiness in the midst of dreary, old winter!

  12. I've never decorated for V-day. Probably because my kids don't care but now that they are gone... I think I'd like it! Your decorations are precious. I love each one. Guess now I need to check out what I have around the house and maybe might HAVE to go to Hobby Lobby! ;)