Monday, March 26, 2018

Dedham Bunnies/Easter 2018

I dug through my bin of Easter decor in early March but I didn't put anything out.
It seemed too early.
Now it seems Easter has snuck up on me.
 Instead of pulling from my bin, I went on a hunt and uncovered some oldies from my decorating archives. 

I do realize that an archive is for documents but you all know what I mean.

This little cutie is Reproduction Dedham Pottery. 
In the very late 1800s, the Roberston family started creating pottery with a crackle glaze over cobalt blue. The original company was in Chelsea, Massachusetts but they moved the company to Dedham, Mass. and began operating there in 1896. 


A little crouching bunny was their signature design. In between each bunny is a plant of some kind. The company closed its doors in 1943. I'm sure finding original Dedham pottery is almost unheard of. The historical society of Dedham, Mass. and Potting Shed Pottery began making reproductions. Most of what is floating around now is reproduction. At some point they started making figurines.  

We went to Baton Rouge to visit my cousin in the mid 1990s. She had a wonderful collection of these rabbits. At the time they could be found in specialty shops but they were a little pricey. 
My husband and my sister in law gave me several of these darlings.
As my love for blue and white waned, these were packed away. Wisely, I knew that I wasn't over them. They just needed a rest. 
I thought of them as I was painting my blue and white Easter eggs.

They are perfect sprinkled about with other blue and white accessories.

A little internet search yielded an original Dedham platter at Replacements, Ltd.
It's only  $4599.00.
What do you think?
Have you heard of this sweet pottery?
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  1. Oh he is so cute! I've never heard of this pottery and it sounds like it's pretty impossible to find an original but these reproductions are lovely. I'm a big fan of blue and white - especially for spring and summer since it's so crisp and bright!

  2. I've seen those pieces but didn't know the name or any information. It's very sweet and pretty.

  3. Love the little bunny with his face on the cabinet. I have seen these through the years shopping at antique malls and they were always very pricy, why I don't have any,
    I love your eggs you painted and I love blue and white china
    Oh yes I'm familiar with LTD replacements and they are very pricy on anything however I think they will have that platter a very long time LOL

    Happy Easter

  4. Love you blue and whites for Easter, Katie!! Thanks so much for stopping by!

  5. I love blue and white so much, Katie, and you rock with it. I'm still wild about your painted eggs. Perfection!

  6. Blue and white is always beautiful! Thanks for sharing atBest of the Weekend!

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