Monday, March 12, 2018

The Trees Are In Bloom

When I was a little girl, we had a couple of blooming trees in our back yard. I could see one of them from my bedroom window. 

It was like sleeping under a lacy canopy. 

The flowering trees in my neighborhood have been stunning this year. 

We had a colder winter and the flowers are prettier as a result.

Last year, our very warm winter, the Bradford Pears started to bloom and immediately turned brown. 

They may be prettier than I can ever remember.

I'm glad the horse finally posed for me. 
Can you see it? 

How lovely would it be to have a wedding under an arbor of flowering trees?

As a girl, I would skip among the blossoms in my yard, pretending it was a lovely pink snow. 

Soon these petals will flutter to the ground and the trees will leaf out.  

Hang on.
Spring is on the way. 


  1. Oh Katie, your neighborhood looks fabulous with those beautiful blooming trees! When the blossoms drop it must be like a sweet smelling snowfall!

  2. So dreamy! What a pretty neighborhood you live in!

  3. You Texas girls are so lucky to be seeing Spring already. The blooms on the trees are beautiful.

  4. Gorgeous Katie! The blossoming trees are one of my favorite things about spring. We have some gorgeous ones in our town, but not blooming yet.