Monday, June 18, 2018

4th Of July Guest Room

My heart longs to get away to a lake cottage in the summer.

The muscle memory of time spent at my grandparent's Wisconsin lake house pulls like a cord.

The perfect painting was a long ago garage sale find.

I unearthed it in a closet a few weeks ago so the guest room deserved a summer makeover in its honor.

The heirloom Eastlake chair got a new seat cover out of some thrift store calico.

I found a perfect gem in the desk.

I'll be framing this coloring book from the 1930s. It belonged to my mother in law.

 I can't even get over how so, so cute it is.

The bed was already dressed in a patriotic theme.

The gingham quilt was a T.J. Maxx find a few years ago.

I stitched up the flag pillow a few years ago when I was feeling crafty.

A few vintage postcards are clipped to the Victorian towel bar turned art piece.

Somehow I was able to manage small children and quilt. I'm not sure how I did that.
I made the blue and white quilt about 20 years ago.

The toy boat came from an antique store.

One of my favorite things in the room is the flag painting.
It was a hooked rug design that I translated into paint.
I just love it.

A few patriotic touches layered onto a white base equals a perfect summer guest room.

Instead of jetting off to Wisconsin, I only need to walk down the hall.
Thanks for stopping in to look.

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  1. Love it, Katie! I hope you'll be having guests in that pretty room.

  2. What a sweet room! I'd certainly be comfy there. I especially like the towel rack turned memo board! That's so clever and fun!

  3. What a sweet room for summer! You have described perfectly how I feel about going to a cottage by the lake in the summer. Actually, I long to live out my later years in a sweet cottage by the lake!

  4. Love it all, Katie. A great summer room filled with sweet memories. Couldn't be more perfect..Happy Monday..Judy

  5. This is so cute! I love the painting and all of the vintage touches. It looks great all dressed up for the 4th!


  6. I LOVE everything about this room. It looks so fresh, but I love the vintage touches and pieces. That painting is wonderful, and the chandelier just makes me happy. I want to come stay.