Monday, June 4, 2018

A Painting For Our Summer Mantel

We didn't have anything blue and white for our summer mantel and I was ready to transition from our spring look. 

It's been years and years since we have had a blue and white color scheme so all of our 90's art was long gone. 
Since we didn't have anything in our stash, I decided to paint something. 
I had some canvases that I picked up last summer at Walmart.  
Pinterest is my "go to" place for inspiration. 
I did a search for blue and white art and came up with some inspiring types of paintings. 
I painted a canvas white and let it dry. 
I squirted some different blue paint on it and then fanned it out. 

This was all very random and abstract which is a little out of my box. 
I was sure that I had gold leaf in order to add a little bling but a search through my craft supplies yielded only silver leaf. 

Instead some metallic Martha Stewart paint was painted onto a napkin and printed onto the canvas once the blue was completely dry.

To "me-ify" it, I added a coordinating piece of art. 

It is simply some blue and white wrapping paper in a chalk painted frame. 
The wrapping paper was unearthed when I was searching for the gold leaf. 

The flower pot was $5.00. I can't remember if it came from the antique store out by the lake or the thrift store. 

The throw was a Tuesday Morning find. 
The flower pot and peace lily came from Home Depot. 

This was fun and easy to create. 
It's a little out of my box but I like it. 

Thanks for stopping in. 


  1. Katie, that is so clever and really pretty. It is kind of fun to get out of our boxes once in awhile. It is just enough blue and white to make your mantle very summery..See you later this afternoon..Judy

  2. Katie,
    What a great way to change up your decor and use what you have on hand. Everything looks lovely and fresh! Great job on the canvas too!! Thanks so much for stopping by and for your kind words!!

  3. I really like it! I love the blue of course and it looks very contemporary and lovely. Nice idea with the metallic!