Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Keep In Touch #26

How is everyone? 
I love letting you know about our weekends when I write up the weekly Keep In Touch post.
I hope they don't bore you. 
Hopefully, there is still some fun inspiration for you even if you don't have a link up.
Plus, (and this is a big plus) all photos are snapped with my iPhone. 

On Friday, I worked on cleaning and decluttering the deck. 
Bill had commented that he felt like there was too much furniture on it. 
Our deck is pretty big. There wasn’t too much furniture but it did feel crowded by the time we added the fire pit and planters and flower pots. 
But in the essence of marital harmony, I decided the big coffee table had to go. 

The white paint and tile top wasn't doing anything for me. I felt like the tile for this table was ugly. 
I'm not sad about it. 
I'll be back with more about the deck later in the week. 
Bill liked the more open look. We actually sat outside for a bit after dinner and before dessert. 

Dessert was a yummy cobbler.
We sat on the deck and had coffee together on Saturday morning. 
Bill ran errands and I puttered in the yard and got in the pool. 

I'm so happy about the new fence. I did some cleaning up and some clipping of the flower beds. 

There was no church on Sunday so we sat on the deck again with our morning coffee. 
Our church shuts down one Sunday around the 4th of July. It gives all staff and volunteers a much needed break. 
What a great idea! 

I did some 4th of July decorating. 

I am in love with the Blue Willow in my dish dresser

Bill built me a fulcrum for my IKEA Mosquito net. 
I'll show you that soon. 

We ended the weekend with pizza and an outdoor concert with friends. 

It was Paul Thorn and Blind Boys of Alabama at our Levitt Pavillion. 
They were great and it was fun! 
Now for our feature. 

I love, love Judith's new dining chairs over at Botanic Bleu. 
Read her tips for choosing French Chairs. 

Have a great 4th. 


  1. Thanks Katie - you two have been very busy with great results. Thank you for your Keep In Touch party. I used a picture from last year - when Canada had its 50th - and then realized what it said - and it is now the 151st !


  2. so (just now) - I opened the photo in Pic Monkey and changed the Zero to a ONE. Problem fixed.

  3. Thanks for hosting, Katie. Your deck looks so pretty and I am totally in love with your swimming pool and your front door..Happy 4th..xxoJudy

  4. Your deck looks so comfortable, Katie! Happy 4th of July to you and thanks for hosting!

  5. Funny, we also spent the weekend cleaning the deck and patio furniture and rolling out a rug we bought last September. Would have done all that in April, but things got in the way! Have a wonderful 4th of July holiday!

  6. Your outdoor spaces look beautiful, and I love your dining room with patriotic decor. Have a great Independence Day!

  7. You keep busy! Your deck is so welcoming and must be wonderful this time of year.

  8. Aren't Blind Boys of Alabama wonderful? Love them -- and all yur decorating and outdoor deck! Happy Fourth!

  9. You have really been busy Katie. The deck looks great! Thanks for hosting.