Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Keep In Touch #31

How are you? 

We're back from the U.K. I can't wait to show you some highlights from our trip. 

I was pretty severely jet lagged yesterday. I think I'll be okay today after a good nights sleep. 

The feature for Keep In Touch #29 is A Day Of Small Things
Click on over to see an update on their adoption journey. 

Our feature for Keep In Touch #30 is Amy @ Ms. Toody Goo Shoes
She was off on an adventure too. I'm getting inspired for our next trip already. 

Thanks for stopping by the blog while I was away. It was a good blogging break as I only checked it once. I didn't even think about it for almost three weeks. 
I have to be honest, I had a few blog post ideas pop in my head during the trip but I didn't miss it. 
After 6 1/2 years, it gets to be a challenge to come up with new material. 
There will be a few blog posts about England, Wales and Scotland but there won't be as many as there were about France. 
 I'll keep hosting Keep In Touch and will even try to promote that a little for the time being. 
I have one post to do concerning something someone sent to me but other than that, I'll post when I'm inspired. 
This could be the jet lag talking but I've struggled with the idea that blogging isn't what it once was. The big guys have firmly put down roots and the opportunities for the small guys have dried up, despite what others say. 
Even some of the big influencers and creators have gotten tired, they seem burned out and they're a little uninspiring. 
Most of the parties where I linked and received traffic have been shut down. 
I'm getting requests to have guest posters (as if) and that is about all. 
Instagram is okay but I don't need to follow that many Instagramers who are all posting similar content. 
 I really don't see that going anywhere either. 
I know what many of you think and I'm not alone in this. 
I still love catching up with my blogging friends and do that in binges. I've tried building relationships with new bloggers but that seems harder than it once was. 
Leave me a comment and let me know what you think. 
Link below. 


  1. I'm glad that you had a wonderful vacation, Katie! Yes, blogging is different nowadays, but I still like catching up with my friends. Thank you for hosting, and I hope you've recovered from your trip.

  2. It looks like you had a wonderful trip! I know what you mean about blogging, it is not at all what it used to be and it really makes me sad. Sometimes I don't know why I even bother and it feels sometimes like no one cares. But I keep plugging along!


  3. So glad to hear your trip was good.
    I still love bogging...and never have writers block. I don't take it seriously and I only post when I want to.

  4. Thank you again for your 31st Keep In Touch Katie. Over the years of blogging I have met some great people who continue to write their posts. So many of the blogging community that I visited have passed on.

    Those who are left often visit through comments and sometimes through email. I think they are almost all share their family, what 'I' was thinking about, what is happening in 'my' life, some history, some beauty in their flowers and gardens and where they visited, what I am making or doing now.

    I also seem to lean toward those bloggers who are no longer raising families or who are in the over 45 age group although I have a blog list that covers all the ages and interests and I do visit them, occasionally finding new to me bloggers to add in.

    Some of the more commercial blogs are difficult to figure out what needs to be clicked to see more etc., so many ad's cover up or fill up the pages.

    Still, there are interesting places/blogs to visit and keep up with what is happening in the writer's lives. Thank you for bringing up this topic.


  5. Thanks for hosting, Katie. I've enjoyed watching the party grow as much as the eclectic content that gets linked each week. I don't know what blogging used to be like - I've only been blogging for not quite two years. I began reading blogs only a year or so before that, after my life changed focus. I blog because I enjoy it as a creative outlet and as a challenge of a different sort (I was accustomed to having IT departments to figure things out, lol!). The blogs I read either share common interests with me or present something new that's intriguing. I'm glad for what bloggers choose to share with us, and delighted that readers respond to what I share.

    You may just be in the post-retirement funk. Do what you enjoy. Know that we enjoy your blog.

  6. Welcome home, Katie! I know I'm going to enjoy all your travel posts (I enjoy ALL your posts). Blogging has changed since I started in 2008. I once posted every day and those days are definitely over. I'm doing good if I get one post a week done. It takes time to "do" a post -- at least something I can live with! Still, I'm happy to visit with you and thank you for hosting Keep In Touch ... let's keep in touch!


  7. Thanks for hosting, Katie, and it looks like you had a beautiful trip. As far as blogging goes, I don't know how anyone can think of news if they blog everyday. I do it once a week and that is hard enough. I only have a very few people that still comment to me but I do have a lot that are just lookers (according to my stats) so if that continues I will continue. I never comment to the "biggies" as, frankly, they don't ever reply back and I can see why actually, as they are doing so much stuff that they don't have time (that's why they are biggies). I do read most of them though, as I do enjoy the decorating. I enjoy the writing and the photography aspect of blogging, along with the friendships made. I would have no other outlet for those likes so will plug along as long as I can...I'm glad you had a good time on your trip and hope you get to take many more. xxoJudy

  8. Though I've quit blogging I'm still following a few of my favorite blogs and leaving comments as the time permits. Instagram is my focus now. I don't know if I will ever go back to blogging. I just don't miss it enough. Now there is more time to devote to projects without having to photograph every step and I get more decorating done too. Blogging certainly changed over the six years that I blogged. It doesn't seem to be as personal anymore. Some say that link parties are going away. When you visit several parties you find the same blogs are linked up at all the parties and the last party I co-hosted failed to grow or maintain a consistent number of participants. I totally agree that new and creative ideas are few and inspiration is lacking. Can't wait to hear more about your trip.

  9. I totally hear you. Things have changed a ton since I started blogging almost 9 years ago! I definitely see more traffic than I ever did back then, but it's never anywhere near that of the "big" blogs. I started as a creative outlet and that still remains true. But I definitely used to feel more of a connection to my readers. No one takes the time to comment anymore....I started following you just recently, as I still enjoy getting to know new blogs and blogging friends. I even joined in your party!:) So glad you had a nice trip. xo Kathleen

  10. Thank you so much for the feature, Katie! What a nice surprise! Welcome home - I can't wait to see your travel posts! I hear what you're saying about blogging. Selfishly, I hope you continue, but I agree that things have changed. In fact, I considered the same thing, and instead, have decided to change course with my blog in the fall. Maybe that will be the change I need to stay inspired. Hope your jetlag is gone!

  11. Hi Katie! So nice to see a visit from you on my post! Thank you for the lovely comment. I saw your nice Paris post. How wonderful for you! I tracked back a bit and caught your comments on blogging. And oh my yes how blogs have changed. I keep thinking I will blog more often again, but my life has changed since the old days. I still enjoy it though. Thank so much for stopping in!