Monday, August 13, 2018

The Romance of Bath, England

"The eligable and handsome Mr. Pembroke made a cursury sweep of the pump room. He noticed the usual bevy of young and available ladies listening with rapt but false attention to equally eligible young men. They were beautiful but he thought them all empty headed and on the hunt. His eyes rested on the more mature Miss Tilbury. Was she plain or did she conveyed a keen intellegance behind those disdaining eyes? She sipped the tepid water from the pump and caught my glance. Oh, yes. She knew I was on to her secret."

I have read more Regency novels than I'd care to admit. Escaping from London to Bath in the heat of the summer is a common theme in many of them. I was thrilled when Bath was on our itinerary.
It was my favorite stop on our trip to England.

One of our travel guides talked about the gold hue of Bath stone. I'd read for years about the Crescent, the Circus, the Pump Room, the Roman Baths and the Assembly Rooms. Seeing them in person tickled me to no end. They were as described.

We sipped the waters from the pump room fountain. They taste like what you would expect from warm water with  44 minerals. I drank most of it in hopes that it would cure all of my ailments.

"I leisurely made my way around the Pump Room making cursory conversation with elderly matrons eager to make a match for their insipid offspring." I had no intention of becoming a prize to be won, my wealth adding to their dwindling coffers."

"I saw him later that evening at the Assembly Rooms. I don't know who he thought he was, brazenly staring at me like that. I heard that he wasn't in the market for a wife so what was he doing in Bath?" 

"The ensemble began to play and couples took to the floor. My dance card was rarely full which was completely satisfactory to me. Oh my. He was headed my way and there was no way out of the hall."

You can guess that the Mr. Pembroke and Miss Tilbury of my imagination made a splendid match. I don't see how any romance could fail in the darling city of Bath.

Even if romance novels aren't your thing, the city of Bath is a must see on any visit to the U.K. 


  1. Katie,
    I loved taking a tour of Bath with you. The novel's interspersed quotes life to your photos.


  2. How fun and so full of romance. What a great trip. Thanks for taking us along. Love all the quotes along with your tour. Happy New Week.

  3. Beautiful photos!! Glad that you enjoyed your trip...
    Thanks so much fro taking the time to stop by!!

  4. Great post, Katie! I was in Bath ages ago, on my very first trip to Europe. I remember loving it, but unfortunately it was PDD (pre-digital camera), and my photos are terrible. Yours are beautiful!

  5. Ahhhh.... yes, it would be SO nice to stop over in Bath... for a bath in those Roman baths! I wonder what stories those golden stones could tell?? Lovely piece and I like your characters. Maybe you should sit down and write Mr. Pembroke and Miss Tilbury's novel??! Sounds fun! {Big fan of Jane Austen}.

    Thank you for taking us on a lovely trip,
    Barb :)

    p.s. pinned to my Road Trip! Plane Trip! and Le Chateau boards for you and our readers. <3

  6. I have been trying to decide whether or not to add Bath to our itinerary in October. So tell me, where did you stay? B&B? Hotel? Recommendations? Truly worth it?

  7. From your photos, it looks like you were able to get away from the crowds of tourists and enjoy the sights in peace and quiet. Love the quotes from another time.

  8. I love your travel blog. I usually write boring review but I would be excited to write about something like this post.