Saturday, September 15, 2018

Afternoon Tea At Claridge's In London

One of the highlights from our days in London was afternoon tea at Claridge's Hotel. 

What is in it for you, my Readers?
I think you will love all the beautiful details and what it can bring to your table for entertaining. 

The hotel is gorgeous. 

What were these stunning flowers in the lobby?
Let me know if you know what they are. 

The mirrors, windows and chandeliers are fabulous. 

The decor in the restaurant is lovely with cream colored walls and celadon green furnishings.

I was quite taken with the Claridge's Collection green and white striped Bernardaud China. 

We began the meal with champagne. 

Finger Sandwiches, Afternoon Tea, Claridge's, London

The finger sandwich offerings included salmon, cucumber, roasted chicken, duck egg salad, and ham.
They were delicious. I loved the cucumber.

We were served scones, clotted cream and jam with our tea.
There were twenty six tea selections.
The Claridge's blend was the best tea I've ever had.
I added milk even though they suggested skipping the milk with this tea.

Claridge's Afternoon Tea, London, England, Bernardaud China

We had plenty of time to sip our tea and converse before we were served fresh pastries. 

London England

These are prepared with seasonal fruit and flowers. Edible gold accented some of the pastries. 

Claridge's Afternoon Tea, London, England, Bernardaud China

The chocolate cake with cherry and raspberry was unbelievable. The sponge cake was my favorite. 

We left this lovely establishment completely satiated. 
Bill expected this to be more like an afternoon snack and was surprised at how substantial it was. 

Claridge's Afternoon Tea, London, England, Bernardaud China

London, England, Bernardaud China, Claridges

It was an incredible and magical experience. It's a must do on any trip to London.
Claridge's Afternoon Tea was enchanting. What a treat.
I'm in love with that china!
I hope you are well.

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  1. Beautiful structure and of course those cakes!

  2. Hi, Katie,
    Oh, your tea looks wonderful. The serving sizes looked ample, too. Sometimes at TEA, the servings are rather small... even for me. :)


  3. Beautiful place and lovely food and tea. I bet that was a lot of fun and so delish.
    I love that part of the English culture to take tea in the afternoon. So amazing.

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  5. what a fun experience! such a lovely place and layout of goodies!

  6. We went to a fabulous spot for tea in London, but not Claridge's. I guess we need to go back.

  7. Oh, you are so inspiring me for our London trip. Tea somewhere beautiful! Glad to hear Mr. Katie thought it was good -- that'll be good incentive for Rick! It's absolutely stunning.