Monday, October 1, 2018

A Few Changes In The Master Bedroom

I cleaned and photographed our bedroom after we moved the armoire.
I am loving it back in our room. 

Below is how our bed looked all summer but I've since removed the navy and white from this space.

I was very inspired by the European looking beds in England.
The hotel beds all had fluffy, crisp white duvets.
The only issue with that is that Europeans don't do top sheets. The duvet acts as the top sheet.
We brought our own top sheets to France and again this summer when we went to the U.K.
Do they wash those duvets in between each guest? I certainly hope so.
 I blame a 20/20 episode that aired years ago for my hotel germ issues.
Cleaning out the coffee pot with the rag from the toilet. Really?
I was shook!
I removed the navy comforter and replaced it with a white one.
Dealing with a duvet cover is too much trouble.

I found a couple of new pillows at the Raz warehouse sale this past summer. 
This lighter blue reminds me of blue jeans and chambray shirts. 

Which leads to hayrides and pumpkin patches for fall in my mind.
(Just FYI- seasons are not capitalized.)

I switched out the art in the frames on Bill's side of the bed. 

I bought a butterfly book at Half Price Books with the express purpose of using the pages as art. 

Butterflies with flecks of gold, orange, and black on a chambray blue ground were chosen because of the pillows.
I clipped another one near my vanity.

A pumpkin in gold gives a subtle nod to the season of hayrides and pumpkin patches.  

I like it!
Thanks for stopping by.
Have a blessed day.
Look for beauty, keep your eyes on the one who controls it all and pray.


  1. Your bedroom is lovely...I like your blue..and I agree that duvets are waaay too much trouble.
    Are we going to list, in our fall tour posts, all the others and the dates? Thanks....

  2. Oh Katie...this is really lovely! So calm and serene!

  3. Love it Katie. So light and pretty. Very cozy and peaceful. I have always said your bedroom should be your sanctuary and you have made yours that. Have a great new week.

  4. Katie, it looks so restful and pretty. I love the white with just the small touch of blue..Happy Fall..Judy

  5. Your bedroom is so tranquil. I love the armoire too!

  6. Your bedroom look lovely, Katie!!And I love that armoire!!