Friday, October 19, 2018

The Farmhouse Guest Room

 I rambled on and on about armoires in this post. 
Thank you for putting up with that. 

There are days when I wish I could get rid of some furniture and start over. 
What would it be like to buy all new furniture for a brand new house? 
I doubt I'll ever know. 

The smaller of the two upstairs guest rooms was not working for me when we upsized our guest bedrooms last November. 
It was Jonnie's room when he lived at home and will be referred to as such for the remainder of this post. 
 I tried several different beside tables and I just didn't like any of them with the headboard. 
The headboard was made out of the kid's old crib. It's adorable. I felt like this project should have gotten much more attention on Pinterest than it did.
I hadn't seen it done and it makes great use of a sentimental crib. 
I loved the headboard when it was in the bigger of two rooms - Rebekah's room.

In Jonnie's old room it did nothing for me. 

The natural light is minimal in this room. 
The wall color is a little creamier than it is in the other room. 
Jonnie's room seems to have received a mishmash of left over pieces of furniture. 
All of them cute but together it just looked like a Granny room. 
Nothing wrong with Grannies. I'd love to be one. 

My granny's tea table was too formal so I put it down in the living room.

The little white dresser was my first ever furniture purchase as a new teacher. It's a keeper. 

Spring bedroom
What I didn't show in any of these photos is my granny's little washstand. It was tucked next to the  big armoire because it wouldn't fit anywhere else in the house. 

Imagine it under the hanger on the clothes rail. We had too much furniture. 
I didn't want to get rid of it but it didn't work in this room no matter what I did. 

Fall and Christmas 2017
The ladder? Cute. 
The chandelier? Adorable.
The pink velvet chair? Cute.

Everything together? Not so much. 
I always try to be real with you. I don't just show the after photos. 
Decorating is a process. It doesn't always come out the first time. 
Especially if you are dealing with family pieces like I am. 

When I set up the bed, the tea table was on the left and a green dresser was on the right. 
 The green dresser had to go. 
It's no longer green FYI.

I decided the pink chair had to go. It brought a bohemian vibe. It was not what I was going for. 
I'm storing it for our daughter so for the time being it's in a closet. 

Things started to come together when I pulled out the black and white bedding and the cow art. 
The little washstand looks okay now.  I know it would look darling white but I can't bear to paint it. 

A louvered shutter from our room felt at home as soon as I put it next to the window.
The wreath is from Magnolia Market. 

Some cow accoutrements go along with the theme. 
You know I love a good theme.
It's starting to feel very farmhouse.  

A few quilts are draped over the ladder we got from Harp Design Co. 

I'm loving the armoire in here. 

One of my grandmother's old kitchen chairs matches the wood of the wash stand. 

I think Granny would be okay with how it looks now.  



  1. You don't want to go buy all new stuff! There would be no stories, no adventures, and no challenges. I love what you are doing and enjoy seeing the process. I'm working on two bedrooms now since our son moved out. I've bought just a smidge but mostly am using things we had.

  2. It's darling! I assume the photo is Granny; she is so cute! xoox Su

  3. I totally get all that you are saying. going on about armoires... yes I understand that too. What I love about you Katie, is that you are totally honest. I'm in the same boat as you on this new house. It totally has me baffled in some areas. The pros outweigh the cons, but it's still a dilemma in many areas. I love to see what you are doing and your thought processes. Right now I'm just trying to figure out what goes where. Dealing with a 55 year old house is pretty tough.

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