Friday, October 26, 2018

Thrifty Finds For A Friday

Hello, Darlings! 
It's garage sale season here in Texas! 
I've been out and about doing some garage and estate sale-ing and thrifting.
 Oh, and I've been eBaying too. 
I've had some winners but also some fails. I like to be honest about those because life isn't always full of home runs. 
As an observation, I keep seeing identical gifts to the ones that Bill and I received 35 years ago at these estate sales.
It's a little disconcerting. I tend to be in denial about our age.

The neighbors down the street were selling some of grandma's stuff.
The best deal of that day was an ironstone platter for $1.00.
I'm using it in the center of our kitchen table.

I found the chunky beads at Hobby Lobby. They were in the fall section for $4.80.
Big beads have been trending for a couple of years.
 I was never willing to shell out big bucks for a trend piece. $4.80 I will do, however.

Here is the rest of what I got at that sale. 

I think I spent $11.00 total. 

Bill and I stopped at an estate sale where I picked up an Edwardian bracelet for $7.50.
It's not solid gold but the cameo is real.  

I've been on the hunt for blue and white china but also white china. 
I've been checking two of my favorite thrift store fairly often. 

The Methodists had two cute gravy boats 

The g boats were $3.00 and $6.00 and the box was $2.00. 
Feel free to call your gravy boats, g boats this Thanksgiving. 
You're welcome. 

I got a gorgeous soup tureen off of eBay for $19.99. I think the shipping was $14.00. 
It's not in perfect shape but it's old and lovely. 

I also ordered two blue and white grain sacks. 
I got some grain sacks a few years ago but never in blue and white. 

I think I got taken to the cleaners on the shipping for these. I'd asked the seller to combine shipping but he never responded to my request. He shipped them quickly and charged me to ship each one separately but he put them in one box. I never would have asked to combine but he talked about one shipping box on his eBay site. Again the shipping was more than half the cost of the sacks. 
The grain sacks were $41.00 for two. Shipping was $27.00. 
They are beautiful grain sacks though. They are very soft with a patch or two so I'm happy with them. 
They are really gorgeous. 
I plan on having these out through the holidays. 

My favorite thrift store had some great finds this week. 

A great ironstone dish was 75 cents. 

$3.00 each for the butter pats, puzzle and wooden house set. 

 I have plans for the wooden houses.

A nutmeg jar was $7.50. 

An oatmeal canister was $13.50.

There was a little plaid plate and two Christmas ornaments that I also picked up for $1.00. 

There were three estate sales today. 
There were never used salt and pepper shakers. 
I failed to check the price until I was checking out so I think I paid too much. 

They were $16.00 for all five pieces.
 They were too much but less than they would have been in the store.
We really did need these though. Our s and p shaker situation was dire. How after 35 years?

A darling old necklace was $2.00.

The box below was 50 cents. Initially, it looked to be a handbag box but it's not the same construction as a vintage Chanel box.  I searched that estate sale for a Chanel handbag or other luxury item.
 The ladies working the sale had not seen a purse in that house.
The box must have come with a perfume or cosmetic gift set. It just isn't comparable to the handbag boxes I've seen online. You only get white boxes at 31 Rue Cambon in Paris.
All other Chanel stores wrap bags in a black box with white lettering.
It is fine because it's a great box for one of my vintage bags.
I sure would have loved to find a handbag, though.

 The perfume bottle was $3.00. It was marked made in France and there was Lalique on a foil sticker. I couldn't see a mark, however, on the bottle itself.  I found a magnifying glass at the estate sale and tried to see markings on the bottle. The lighting wasn't good so I took a risk hoping it was a good Lalique bottle.
It's not a Lalique bottle but a Lalique perfume. 
 It isn't worth anything and I'll probably donate it to my thrift store rather than add this bottle to my collection. 
What I'd hoped was that I paid too much for the salt and pepper shakers because I got a great deal on a Lalique bottle and a Chanel handbag box. That's not what happened but not every find turns out to be a treasure but the hunt is fun! 
It will continue.  


  1. It's garage/estate sale time here in the Chicago suburbs as well and I've been taking advantage of it, too! Love all your goodies, especially the blue and white china pieces and the ironstone platter. I collect ironstone so I would definitely have picked that up:) These are exactly the kind of things we'd love to see you share with us over at Vintage Charm Party #156:
    The party closes at 7AM on Sunday morning. Hope to se you there. And have a great weekend. xo Kathleen

  2. It' the thrill of the hunt as much as anything....:)

  3. You found some really great items! I use that cookbook all the time.

  4. I have read that you can put dishes with stains and cracks in hot milk to make them "white" again. I haven't tried that, but it may make your ironstone dish prettier.

  5. Woah! I'm really enjoying the template/theme of this website. It's simple, yet effective. A lot of times it's hard to get that "perfect balance" between superb usability and appearance. I must say you've done a awesome job with this. In addition, the blog loads super fast for me on Internet explorer. Superb Blog!

  6. I'm impressed with all you found. I love the ironstone platter and of course all the blue and white pieces.

  7. I love all of your finds. The perfume bottle is of interest to me, as I have one too, along with the original box. It is Le Baiser de Lalique, by Lalique Parfumes, made in France as you noted. Years ago, I collected perfume bottles with human forms and faces. I got them from a specialty shop. While I do not recall the exact price, I would guess somewhere around $80, although I could be wrong. I have used only a little of it, but a little goes a long way. lol Thank you for your wonderful blog. I enjoy it very much. Linda

  8. Great finds! I hate when they up the shipping on etsy. I always go for the price they give me after I put in the measurements, but I know some don't. Especially when I know exactly what it would cost to ship something. I guess they figure they should be paid for their trip to the post office lol


  9. Such pretty things! Love the blue and white china! xx