Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Happy Thanksgiving & A Few More Photos

Happy Thanksgiving! 
Time has flown by this month.  
I had a few more photos that I wanted to show you.  

I picked up a tiered tray a few months ago at Hobby Lobby. 
Can you believe I've never had one?
The gather sign came from there too. 

The red pickup truck is everywhere this year. 
I got it for Christmas but I couldn't resist using it now. 

I've collected a few more trucks since then and they will show up in my holiday decor. 

The nandinas decided to finally put on a show with some orange berries. 
I pulled out a few seasonal plates. 
Tea leaf and a cute turkey plate from the thrift store. 

I resisted the urge and did not decorate for Christmas yet. 

I eventually traded a pumpkin for a turkey on my tiered tray. This is in the corner behind my sink. I've enjoyed looking it as I was dishes. 

 I don't know what will go on the tray for Christmas but I can't wait to play with some stuff. 

Here's another look at the turkey in the bed of the pick up. So cute! 
One more sleep and I can turn on my Christmas lights outside and pull out my totes for Christmas! 
Have a blessed holiday. 


  1. Wishing you a Happy Thanksgiving, Katie. Love seeing your Thanksgiving touches.

  2. Your Thanksgiving turkey plate is my TG china -- I can still remember going with my mom to Canada to get it when I was about eight! I don't have a tiered tray either and I'd love one -- and have no idea where I'd put it. It sure looks terrific in your beautiful home. Happy Thanksgiving, Katie!

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