Saturday, December 29, 2018

Best Winter Decor Ideas/Santa's Got To Go

Hello, Darlings!
How are you?
I hope you had a good Christmas. We did.

The packages are all opened. The wrapping paper has been taken out to the trash. The gift bags and ribbon are all packed up for the attic. I can't stand the sight of a cookie tin once Santa has had his cookies and milk. The red, stockings, reindeer, sleds, Santa and even pine boughs need to be packed up as soon as the day is done.
Wednesday morning I started removing all the holiday accoutrements and dumped them in a tote.
I have specific winter decor items so I pulled those out.

Snowmen replaced Santa figurines. The scarf on this one from the Green Flea in NYC was orange, green and yellow. Nope. He got a new blue and white plaid scarf.
It was easy to repaint.

Icy branches were substituted for evergreen boughs.

An icy nest is about the cutest thing ever.

The snowball pick came from the Raz Import Warehouse Sale last June.

The sparkly wreath came from them as well.

Deer sheds, birch and pine cones replaced cedar.

My white cottages were left out. This vignette got some antique German snowbabies.

A white church is a reminder of the importance of worship. It wasn't on display this Christmas so I wanted it out now. Who knows it may stay out all year and remind me to be in prayer.

I wasn't ready to put my cute trucks away so they all got pine cones and icy branches.

A darling snowy print in a chippy frame was added to the kitchen. 

Warm white mittens and a scarf hang with a blue jacket.

I thought I could live with the trees for a few days after removing all the obvious Christmas motifs but sadly I couldn't.
Two of the trees came down. The other one is still up but it's undecorated until it goes in the attic.
The alpine tree in the entryway stays up all during January.
I'm about to head up to the Christmas store to see what's on sale.
I really want some cool lights that I saw this fall but I was too cheap to pay retail.
 I'll let you know if I find them.
I'm trying my chair in a new spot.

So far I like it.

I love the tree but I love how open it all feels without it.
I've got some plans for the new year. It's been five years since I painted everything that couldn't run away. Some of our pieces need repainting. I'll write up a blog post to share the things that are on my list for the new year.
Have a wonderful weekend.
We still have one more Christmas celebration and we have New Year's Eve plans for the first time is ages.
Whoo hoo.
I'll be back.


  1. I think it looks wonderful, Katie! Still festive but fun and wintry. Yes, my Santas are coming down and snowfolk coming up, probably over the weekend. I leave all the trees up till Twelfth Night and then the Christmassy ones come down and I leave up the two winter trees which don't have Christmas things on them. I was thrilled to buy a small flocked tree after Christmas at half and I don't want to put it in the basement yet! I love the season but time, soon, for a change!

  2. It all looks wonderful Katie. I like your idea of winter decor. When you take down Christmas it always seems so lifeless and sad after all the twinkle lights and pretty decor. I took all of mine down the day after Christmas too. I usually keep it up longer but am starting a new project in my living room. Have a great and Happy New Year.

  3. Hello! !
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  4. Oh, I love how you transitioned from Christmas to winter so effortlessly! I started today by removing the Christmas tree and some decor, so far it's a big mess! :D
    I love those little trucks and the snowmen, that new blue scarf fits him so well! Happy New Year, Katie!