Monday, December 3, 2018

Christmas Porches and Door Decor Blog Hop

Welcome to the Christmas Porches and Holiday Door Decor Blog Hop. 
Many, many thanks to Amber of Follow The Yellow Brick Home for putting this together. 
She is amazing and I just adore her style. 

If you are coming from Petite Haus, welcome. Don't you love Angelina's stunning doors? 
Our door sets the tone for what is behind it. 
This wreath is an old faithful. It came from Walmart for $10.00 many years ago. 
I keep thinking that it's time to retire it but I still love it and it's held up beautifully. 
 The ribbon on it always coordinates with our Christmas tree. 
I'm in love with the homespun look of the fabric that I tore into strips for ribbon. I bought three yards of this blue and white check at the thrift store. There's been plenty for the tree and for ribbons on wreaths. 

Because of the shelf on our door, we don't have a lot of room for a big wreath. This one fits perfectly. 

A simple garland frames the door. 

We don't have a big front porch. I created the look of one by removing some of the Nandina bushes and adding a bench. 

A cozy throw adorns the bench during the winter months. 

It looks as if I'm about to head out to the mall skating rink. This is Texas. 
Our skating rink has to be indoors. 
There will be hot cocoa when I return. I almost didn't succumb to that particular blogging staging pressure but I couldn't help myself. No self respecting blog is without a thermos of hot cocoa. ;) 
The enamel cups were unearthed from the camp box a few weeks ago. I knew they were perfect for a Christmas vignette.  

The skates came from the thrift store. It was a thrill to find them. Ice skates are are a rarity in the south. 
My new crock came from our amazing Westlake Ace Hardware. It's been an Arlington landmark for years. They have more than just hardware. The kitchen gadget aisle is amazing. 
It's especially fun to stop in after church on a Sunday. 
This crock had been on my radar for a while. A scraggly looking Christmas tree is perfect in it.  

Unless the Amazon van has come by, my porch isn't all that interesting during the day.

My porch is much more interesting at night. 

This is our second season to have the outdoor lights done professionally and I just love it.
Bill graciously lets me indulge my inner Griswold with our display.

It makes me giggle when I drive or walk up to the house. 

The neighbor across the street has taken to calling me Griswold. 

Our gas lamp post also got spruced up with cleaned up glass and new paint.

We've completely converted to LED. 

It draws one in. 

Such fun. 

Now hop on over to see Judith at Botanic Bleu. Her subtle and natural touches are just gorgeous.
Be sure to hop around and visit the other blogs listed below.
If you get lost, stop back by and you can get back on track.
Have fun.



  1. Katie, your bench is so cozy and all of your lights are lovely! Excited to be joining the tour with you! Blessings, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

  2. What a darling porch! I adore the addition of the bench and the sweet scene you create Katie!

  3. All of your Christmas lights are so fun and festive!!! I bet you light up the neighborhood at night. So fun to join you on this tour. Happy Holidays!

  4. WOW!! I love your home all lite up. You have a beautiful home. Love your entry way. So inviting!

  5. Beautiful Katie! I love using crocks too. You just reminded me that I didn't see my skates either! Ugh. They are so cute. I need to head back to the attic. Your home is dreamy too at night. Love the porch. Very inviting.

  6. The way you decorated your entryway is very welcoming. I love the Christmas tree in the crock. And I love all the lighting too! So happy to be hopping with you!

  7. Lovely front door with or without decorations. Your beautiful lights and cozy accents are so inviting! So happy to be on the hop with you!

  8. It's all so beautiful at night! What a treat to drive up to! I've been totally lazy with the outdoor lights this year; think the neighbors will be wondering what happened to me!We got a cold snap early & it's been cramping my outdoor decorating mojo:(

  9. Katie, it is delightful, day or night!

  10. What a welcoming entryway you've created for guests. I love the inviting bench and the crock filled with a tree. Your house looks great lit up at night. I'll bet that the neighbors look forward to seeing your house when they drive in and out of your neighborhood at night.

  11. Katie your porch decor and outdoor lights are amazing! Your display looks totally magical. I love how you created a bigger porch too by removing a few bushes. That is so smart. Everything you've done feels so inviting. Hugs, CoCo

  12. Katie your porch is beautiful. Love how you did the lights on your trees. Very pretty.

  13. Katie,
    Using fabric for ribbon is a brilliant idea. And I love your crocks. I splurged at Magnolia and bought a big crock there. It is holding a large rosemary cone shaped tree on my coffee table. Your outdoor lights are beautiful.

    Merry Christmas,


    P.S. Thanks for straightening out my URL.

  14. Love the crock and those skates! Your outdoor decor is just perfect!!!
    ~emily @

  15. Katie, the wreath is perfect on your cute door! Adding the bench was a smart idea and I love your cocoa station!

  16. I love your house all lit up at night!

    I especially like your beautiful door with the wreath.

    Merry Christmas

  17. I love it! You use of blue is so beautiful and I have really enjoyed your Christmas posts! I love how you added the bench to create a porch space.

    I had to laugh about your thermos and cocoa statement! I can't drink hot cocoa anymore and I avoid sugar, but you just can't NOT have a thermos and cocoa styled in somewhere for Christmas, especially if you are a vintage collector! Actually this year I am going to try to make some with unsweetened cocoa, coconut sugar and almond or rice milk. I think it will turn out!

    Well Griswold, I think your home looks fabulous! I hope you enjoy it all through the season. Merry Christmas!

  18. Katie, your porch looks really pretty. Love your front door and didn't realize your house was so large. The lights are spectacular..Happy Weekend..Judy

  19. Katie, your Christmas porch and lights are just beautiful! What a warm and pretty welcome for your guests. It has been so much fun to be on this hop with you! Merry Christmas!!!

  20. It looks lovely in daylight and twinkling in the dark. I like the way you added the lights to the tree trunks, clever! It’s a pleasure being on the tour with you. Hugs P.S. pinned