Friday, January 18, 2019

Farmhouse Living Room End Table

Hi Guys, 
Happy Friday. 

Here's the reveal of the new side table in the living room. 

I showed you my "new to me" bedside table two weeks ago. 
I think it's Empire or Victorian. I'll have to do some research and get back to you. I just love it. 
Below is a picture of our old bedside table which in reality is only nine years old. 

It was mountain cabin meets suburban life. I just made that up but it's from Lane and I cannot for the life of me remember the name of this collection. I've even tried to search for it online but it appears to have been scrubbed from the internet. Probably because the tops of these are CR@P - bad word alert! 

I was very careful not to put a water glass on my nightstand but of course I forgot a couple of nights when I was tired. I think a vase also tipped over but I can't remember.  
He was already gone by the time we got these, but we had a cat that would drink out of our water glasses at night. I think he would deliberately spill them to wake us up but he's gone on to the afterlife. I don't think he is spilling any water where he ended up, if you know what I mean. 

Anyway back to our tall table tale. The tops bubble and chipped. 
Bill wanted to give mine away but what kind of blogger would I be if I did that? 
My brother and sister in law have pieces from the same collection out at their lake house. 
My SIL's table has bubbled up as well which means this was not just a fluke. 
 I slid the table out to the garage. Here is my tip for moving big, heavy pieces of furniture. Flip it over and slide it. I've moved ginormous stuff down the stairs with this method. Put it on a blanket to slide stuff across wood or tile. 

I used CitriStrip to remove the finish. It isn't quite as potent as the old hazardous stripper but it also doesn't require a skin graft if you accidentally get it on you. I am kidding here - sort of. The fumes won't make you pass out either. 
Patience is required. I usually pour some on, brush it all over and then let it set for a while. 
In a rookie move, I did the top first. The top is the easiest so it should be left for last. 
It was all going okay until I got to the doors. The raised part of the panel was made of plastic. 
It started to melt a little with the stripper. Bill and I decided the doors had to go. 
He even said something like "Cheap cr#p!" 

Stripping is a messy job. I used a scraper and globbed the stuff into the trash. Once everything is stripped I gave it a quick wash with warm soapy water. 
At the end of the first day most of it was stripped. I still needed to strip the shelf because now it was going to show.

The rest of it was waiting for a finish. 

I couldn't resist staging the shelves to see what they will look like. The finish reminds me of some of the Jacobean revival furniture that I've refinished over the years. I thought about trying a Restoration Hardware type of finish but I felt that the color that it was too dark for that. 

The next morning, after my coffee, the piece got a good sanding with our orbital sander. 
One of the bubbled areas still has a slight flaw but it is so much better. 

It didn't take any time at all to prime the surface to get it ready for paint. The primer dries in about an hour. I put the knobs on it to see what it was going to look like when it was painted. 


While the paint was drying, which took forever, I refinished the pull. 
The pulls on these were oil rubbed bronze. I spray painted them silver and then gold at Christmas in an effort to see if I liked this piece enough to refinish it. This was before my blogging obligation kicked in.  

It turns out the pulls were originally brass coated over silver. It goes well with the blue and white porcelain knobs that I found at Hobby Lobby. 

Cute so far. It took about three days for the paint to dry. It stayed tacky a long time. Probably because it wasn't fully dry from the stripper.  
The paint color is Snowbound by Sherwin Williams. This is a nice bright white with cool undertones instead of warm. It's the same color that is on my kitchen cabinets. The rest of our painted furniture has warm undertones. 

On Thursday, it was dry enough to drag into the house. I pushed it into the dining room so that I could begin to decide where to put it. 

Wouldn't this be a cute wine bar in a dining room? I can visualize those criss cross things to hold wine in the bottom niche. 

It stuck out too far into my dining room but what a great use for an old piece.
You could put openers and stoppers in the drawers. 

I tried it next to the couch in the living room next but that didn't work either.
It ended up next to my recliner. 

This is great. The narrow drawer is perfect for my iPad and phone. The big drawer holds my camera and chargers. There is also a little pillow in there for nap time. 

Cute, cute, cute! 

That's what I did last week. 
I can't wait to show you what I worked on this week. 

Look at how cute Dixie looks. She thought she was in trouble. 

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I'm trying this YouTube thing too. 
Starting out on these other platforms is depressing. 
Love y'all. I appreciate you so much. 

Have a great day! 


  1. Katie,
    The power of paint... and hard work... are amazing!


  2. I love makeovers like these . . . elbow grease and paint can make such a difference. Twenty years ago I took my sister with me to the Goodwill. I purchased a cabinet (still have it) my sister says, why do you want to buy that ugly old thing? A couple of weeks later she was visiting and wondered where I bought my beautiful new cabinet, LOL. She was shocked when I told her it was that ugly old thing from the Goodwill. You have to be able to see the possibilities and willing to put in a little work.
    Your end table is beautiful and looks so pretty in your room. These are the projects that save us mega bucks that we can use for more important things, like vacations, shoes etc. :)
    Wishing you a wonderful day, and thanks for sharing your project with us.
    Connie :)

  3. What a great labor of love Katie. This came out so pretty. Great re love of this piece. Still love the new piece you have in the bedroom too. That has so much character and beauty.

  4. Great job Katie ... love how it turned out ... so much better with the open shelf.

  5. I really love the one you found for your bedroom! I also like how you repurposed the new one to be functional in a small space! I also have a piece by my front door for this sort of thing too. It really keeps things contained to have a place for things and purpose in a small home. xoox Su

  6. Katie,
    Now this is the type of post that I love!!! First of all, I love your new bedside table! Stunning!! And what a wonderful transformation of the old one!! You did such a great job!! It looks wonderful next to your recliner by the staircase....By the way, I love the railing on your staircase...

  7. Katie,
    I love the make~over of your nightstand turned end table!
    You inspire me to complete my 'idea' of a Guest Room Jenny Lind Bed Make~Over in 2019!

  8. Looks like a perfect spot for the cabinet!

  9. Ah yes! Citrustrip! Well, you did a terrific job on it and I love its new position. Looks like it was made for there!

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