Monday, February 18, 2019

Farmhouse Style Laundry Room

 I woke up one morning after a dream about a garage sale at which I'd found a quilt for a dollar. 
I woke up, went garage sale-ing and there is was - the quilt for a dollar. 
It's not the best quilt and the other day it almost ended up in the give away box but I pulled it out when I thought about the dream. It's a little weird but I have dreams that come true.  
Usually, I feel it's the Lord telling me to pray about something. I'm not sure a quilt was something to pray about. 

I found two paintings that day. They were also a dollar. 
One of them has been hanging in the laundry room. 

This was painted on a piece of cardboard so it's amazing that it has survived. 
The other day, I felt it was time for a design reset. I removed everything from the surfaces in the kitchen, foyer, dining and laundry room.

Lately, I'd added some thrifted finds to my decor without doing any editing. 

It was time to edit and remove the Valentine's Day decor. 

At times the laundry room is a catch all for junk. It was also where I displayed some of my mother's and grandmother's antique toys. 
It was time to pack those away and clean things up a bit. 
The shelves got a good cleaning once everything was removed. 
The candlesticks in the corner hadn't be used in years. It was time to use them or give them away. 

When it was cleaned off and I had a blank canvas, I thought an old door or window would be cute.  We had the top of the old coffee table. Bill made this piece to look like an old door. I grabbed it and stuck it up. It kind of looks like stained shiplap to me. It got a couple of screws to keep it from slipping off. 

I made the wreath last year from a Joann's boxwood garland. It's attached to a grapevine wreath for stability. I think Joann's boxwood garlands are better than Hobby Lobby's. They look more real. The ice cream bucket came from an antique store. The pitcher is Marshall Pottery. It's signed by Pete Payne and dated '79. We can't remember where we got it. 

The brackets holding the shelves are from Hobby Lobby. These are so affordable when they are on sale. Tropical plants annoy me at Christmas time so these have been in here since then. They seemed to love it actually. 

The little shelves and watering can are from IKEA. The brass box, the clock and iron were thrifted. Bill brought the inkwell back from Philadelphia. 

Unfortunately, our dish towels have to be stored in here. It's a struggle to keep them neat and tidy but I adore the locker baskets.  

The galvanized tub holds seasonal dish towels and dog towels. 

I love how this little print is framed. We got it at an antique mall in Ft. Worth. 

My chalkboard collection is at the ready. For what? I don't know. Do you still decorate with chalkboards? 

The jars came from a friend. The coffee jar is from Brooklyn, N.Y. I love this jar since I'm from New York and our son lived in Brooklyn for a while.  

I didn't spend any money on this redecoration project. 
We already had everything and it was just moved around for a fresh look. 
There is still a lot going on in here but it has to function for us and it's right off of the kitchen so I need it to look cute.

Cleaning up and redecorating is alway satisfying. 
Do you decorate your laundry room? 
Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate all of you.
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  1. Katie,
    Love the 'new' look for your Laundry Room!
    I have a Laundry Closet and yes, I do design it!
    I found place mats @ Hobby Lobby for the top of my washer & dryer.
    I love the coffee table top on the top shelf and the prints you used!
    Completely refreshed and functional!
    Well done!

  2. Katie I just wanted to stop by and thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to read my post about my son and leaving your words of support. Now more than ever I'm so grateful. It means so much.
    sending love your way,
    Leslie (Gwen moss)

  3. I just love your laundry area! So farm chic. I have a couple old quilts that are useless but I can't let go of them.

  4. Love your laundry room. So pretty. Hey laundry happens and you should have a pretty place to do it. Very farmhouse chic. Love how you styled everything.

  5. Katie,
    Your laundry room looks lovely!!
    Thanks so much for stopping by!!

  6. Your laundry room redo is wonderful! I'm in need of doing the same and hopefully you've inspired me to get busy...we'll see tomorrow if it gets done.

  7. Very pretty and comfy, Katie. I have some of Valentine's down; still leaving up winter and a couple of things till our party this weekend. But I confess, I'm eager to get a move-on into spring!

  8. It is always fun to not spend money and redecorate with what I have. You have some amazing vintage finds. Everything looks great!

  9. Your utility room is charming! I also decorate my utility room shelves with pieces inherited from my family, and various items I have collected over the years. It makes me happy to see those things, and they are not packed away in boxes.

  10. Your laundry room is so pretty and neat and tidy, Katie! I really love the shelves that you have behind the washer and dryer. You also found some great thrifted treasures. I'll have to look for the boxwood garland at JoAnn's.

  11. So fresh and pretty, Katie! I love your little painting!